Monday, May 29, 2017

Mystery of the InterVerse

So Blogger's search keywords under Stats aren't very helpful. {You're hereby notified I'm going to try out Google Analytics and see what comes of it...XD Curiosity killed the Kate, you know.} As an example of their non-helpfulness, would you like to see the top 10 ways that people have apparently reached this blog?

By googling:

seek him first
....I feel like I should apologize to the scores of people who were looking for a Bible verse and ended up here...there's a lot of extra information if you were just looking for Matthew 6:33. what did you guys do? Type that address into google? Trust your instincts more! You had it right!

the grinch's dog
It continues to absolutely crack me up that of all the posts on this blog that I've written...THIS ONE has the most views. A five-minute post from back in 2009.

love quotes for him
....I don't know whether to find that phrase itself more confusing or the fact that it apparently brought 37 people to this blog.

grinch's dog
Again with that dog. -_-

i'm lost
...aaaaand that many of you ended up here via being lost. I'm not sure if I should take that as a compliment or an insult...

exam comics
I guess I do talk a lot about exams? And maybe at some point I had some comics up?? I don't even remember it, though...hrm...what do you know about me that I have forgotten about myself...

SERIOUSLY.  I have to start paying that dog a commission or something...

3 billy goats gruff printables
Okay, THAT was kind of a cute post. XD And I always liked that printable.

grinchs dog
...I'm not even going to add up the total and see how many people she has brought to my blog...I should just take a bunch of pictures of her apparently, and stick with that for blog content...XD

Speaking of curiosity, though...I really want to know how you found my blog. How many of you who stuck around to read it found it because of that little dog? XD Or was it through fellow blogger sidebars? Tags? Interviews? I wanna know, Anne.

2 thoughts shared:

Ashton said...

Those analytics are hilarious. And I really don't remember how I found your blog.... Oh oh! As I speak... maybe through another blog who had read your book? Mhm... that sounds *somewhat* right. Anyhow. :D

Katherine Sophia said...

XD Glad you enjoyed seeing them!! That is good to hear... :D


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