Thursday, April 13, 2017

to hear His voice

So, recently I hit play on one of my favorite songs on youtube, expecting it to be sung by my favorite singer. The music was perfect, of course, but the first words sounded wrong. I was disappointed, but I kept listening while I tried to find the singer's name listed. As I searched, a few words sounded right...and I began to wonder if my ears were playing tricks on me. Maybe it actually /was/ sung by my favorite singer...this was an old song of his...he'd been a new singer then...there were multiple versions of him singing this song...and the more I listened, the more lines seemed to sound like his voice.
Then the next song in the playlist started, and with the first word I knew it was the singer whose voice I wanted to hear. No wondering, no confusion, no maybes - this was him singing the song.

Which is when it hit me how much that was how I listen for God's voice. There are times I think I hear Him...and the longer I listen the more I can convince myself that He's the one speaking to me...but when He does speak, there is no convincing necessary. It's so obviously Him I have no questions. He said my sheep know my voice and as impossible as that seems, it is true. 
Know Him...and we can know His voice.

drive-by picture of the river valley near where I grew up

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