Monday, April 17, 2017

smells I love

 coppertone sun block ~ chlorine in an outdoor pool ~ the wind off my favorite of the great lakes ~ a fresh-cut christmas tree ~ air after rain {that's a given, isn't it} ~ shampooed hair ~ lysoled sinks {don't laugh; i used to work as a house-cleaner} ~ just-baked cinnamon rolls ~ chocolate ~ my lavender stuffed hippo ~ tea tree oil {even if it stings my eyes} ~ bread baking in my $0.10 bread maker {the price does change the smell} ~ the barn where i board my horse ~ the woods in summer ~ when you first get back and your house smells like home ~ peppermint tea ~ peppermint soap ~ also pine-scented soap {so i like the smell of clean} ~ lilacs ~ peonies ~  

smell the rain

2 thoughts shared:

Squeaks said...

:O Yes on the sunblock!! I adore the smell - it makes me think of hot summer days and beaches and sand and Jake Owen's voice when he sings Beachin' :P I see vanilla didn't make the list - it's one of my favourite smells ever, but all the ones you noted are delightful too!!

Katherine Sophia said...

XD yessss...Summer, absolutely.
ohhhhhh, vanilla probbbbably should have gone on there too...I do love vanilla pretty well. :D Though maybe I just love the cookies it usually goes into...


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