Thursday, April 27, 2017

abandon ship

So I did write don't abandon ship not even that long ago...but then I read the next storm the disciples encountered. 

In this storm they felt yet more alone...but it doesn't say they were afraid in the storm. This time, perhaps, they knew not to fear. That is until they saw the even more terrifying sight of Jesus walking by them in the storm. At which point they were troubled...and they cried out for fear. They scream, He stops, just as before they screamed and He woke. 

But this time it goes further. The first time He told them not to be afraid. This time? Again He tells them not to be afraid, but he adds, 
"Be of good cheer." 

Level up. If the first lesson was why are you afraid of the storm? I control the storm...this time He says, Be of good cheer. I am still right here. And if you want to come to me through the storm--you can. 

I find it fascinating that Jesus did not tell Peter to do the impossible. Peter saw Him and Peter asked. 
Bid me come unto Thee on the water. 
Tell me to do this impossible thing. 
And Jesus said come. 

God never called Isaiah, either. He chose Isaiah, yes. He prepared Isaiah to see and hear things others could not...and then when He said Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Isaiah responded, Here am I; send me. 
Yes, there are those like Jeremiah, to whom God says, Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. And He has called us all to be His own. But there are specific missions, specific callings of which we remain unaware unless we are watching and listening. 

The things we see might seem impossible to change...but are we ready to abandon the ship in which we stand, following Him through the storm, and leave the last of the steadiness beneath our feet, that final illusion of control {at the least we are still in the boat}, to step out into the storm itself? To defy even natural law that we might see Jesus more clearly? 

Peter dared do it...and Peter failed. He made the first impossible step...he started walking through the storm...and then he saw it was getting worse. He'd been ready to walk on water...but not while the wind came after him, too. At least he knew what to do, and cried out Lord, save me.
Immediately Jesus caught him. 

immediately Jesus caught him

He did not let him sink a few times, did not force him to TRY AGAIN, did not roll His eyes or hesitate. He caught him. 

And He did not rebuke Peter for trying something beyond his ability or strength, either. No, He said, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt? This was something Peter could have done. That is why Jesus bid him come. He could have done it. Jesus was right there and all Peter had to do was have faith.

Note that Peter is the one who walked out of a prison surrounded by armed guards (something nearly as impossible), and who told a dead Tabitha/Dorcas to get up (something more impossible) - he learned to have faith. Faith doesn't mean everything will go nicely (Peter is also said to have been crucified...), but it means that the impossible will happen and that we can be fully used by God to do the things He created us able to do. Whether He says stretch out your hand or arise from the dead, are we willing to obey?

I want to walk on water. I want to come to Jesus, through the storm. I do not want to be held back by my own fear that Jesus will not catch me, because He will. 
He is faithful...I need only believe Him.

Dare I ask Him, Bid me come unto Thee on the water?

woods near our house this past winter

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Jessica Greyson said...

Ths is so beautiful and inspiring!!!! <3 Thank you for sharing!

Katherine Sophia said...

Thank you! I'm glad.


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