Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Please Show Me Your Blogging ID.

So last winter I stopped by Facebook to check on a friend...

how goes the day?
Wrote 2K+, now figuring out blogging schedule for next year.

O.o so blogging schedules is what real bloggers do...XD

I don't think I even READ much for blogs...I don't know how I started, but I thought it was a good idea one day. That's how much thought I put into it ever since. XD

{Yes, all you suspect about me as a blogger is true. I know nothing. I just write posts. And read other people's posts. And think people who comment are cool.}

We chatted for a bit on the differences between our approaches to life, and eventually
 it was time to get back to work for both of us. She sent me on my way with:

You look at your list while I continue making my list. Because that's what real bloggers do.

Which left me thinking about what real bloggers do. Which led me t
 how al the blogging masters say to have an identity. A brand. An image readers can count on.  
Then I look at my posts and they're a strange mix.  Writing...Bible verse discussions...horses...answers to of my room/scenery...the occasional odd book review or author interview...I do not have a cohesive theme on this blog. Whatsoever. This blog is purely random ideas I decided to run with.  One day I'm writing about a deeply personal struggle in acting on trust in God, the next post is gif-filled snark regarding medical school. 

 I've had a few key themes over the years - like 2010, when I purposefully took time each week to describe something God had taught me that week. Or the "Snippets" of my stories that I posted faithfully for a while, and unfaithfully thereafter. But as far as quality content you could expect, or any kind of a blogging schedule?


In thinking about this, though, I started looking for a theme that had carried through the past 9 years. {YES. NINE YEARS. THIS DECEMBER IS THE 9TH ANNIVERSARY OF THIS BLOG.} I quickly realized that my "be real" tag is probably the most consistent thematically, as it always deals with things I am deeply feeling or thinking. (Which also means most of my favorite blog posts are found under that tag.) 
Eventually I realized that my blog title was my blogging identity. Unlike many bloggers I've followed in the past 9 years, my title hasn't changed. {I blogged for 6 months under open thy mouth but we don't talk about those times.}

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God. My God's kingdom, my God's righteousness, my God is who my life is about, and this blog always seems to return to that. All these other things...writing, medicine, korean dramas, sheer randomness...will get added unto you if you follow my blog, though. XD

I may have disappeared for almost 6 months, but I have returned. For a little while you're going to get at least 2 posts per week...though what happens after that I do not know and, per usual, I make no promises. 

But I am a writer, and where better to write for the next 9 years than here? :) Looking forward to blogging once again.

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Christine Smith said...

I've been the worst about not commenting, but I am SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU BLOGGING AGAIN. I love, love, looove how your posts always point back to God. You are such an inspiration to me, girl. I cannot wait for more posts to come! ^_^

wisdomcreates said...

Yay! You're back! How is life for you? What have you been up to? Have you finished school???

Katherine Sophia said...

Oh, I am terrible about commenting, Christine! It's sad when I like comments so much. XD
But thank you...that makes me so happy to hear, and really means a lot.

Yes, I am back, wisdomcreates! XD And delighted to be so. Life is marvelous. :D

Ashton said...

I forgot to comment on this post when I read it last week... *rolls eyes*
I love your blog, because it is all over the place and it is personal and random. Too many blogs/websites these days are professional. But yours is one of the rare blogs I stick around to read. :D

Katherine Sophia said...

Wow, thank you, Ashton! I love your comments, and it means a lot to me that you keep coming back to my blog. :D


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