Monday, October 12, 2015

New Things

I am off, my friends. After living on the shores of this gorgeousness and going to school in the same town for 5 years, I have moved. 

For the next 9 months, Lord willing, I will be working in two rural communities (multiple hospitals and clinics) and completing my surgery, pediatrics, family medicine, family medicine subspecialty, emergency medicine, and rural elective rotations in those locations. I've been posting a bit more on here recently; I don't know how much time I'll have in the future. But I thought it would be fun to show you the little place I'm renting for the next 7 months. (Not sure where I'll live the last 2. I'll figure it out before then. Hopefully. XD)

My new view: 
{Because that is very important.}

My new baby kitchen: 

{ much time will I have to be cooking...? Who knows. I've already invited a family of 4 over, though, so...I guess I better plan on a little bit. And I might move some of these greens around so there's not quite so many shades in one spot...hmm...}

My new de-stressing necklace hanger:

{I miss my awesome necklace tree. But I just don't have the room here. That said - pounding 51 nails into a 2x4 is really enjoyable, even when you have major issues with straight lines. You should try it.}

My new bed:

{So happy to be out of twin bed you don't even know you guys. That's what happens when you get a double bed as a 2-year-old. I've rolled over and hit the wall so many times the past few years... XD}

My new bookshelf:

{"When are you going to read all those books???" my mom asked. "I'm not." I said. "But houses need books. I have to see them there and know they are a possibility."}

My new bathroom:

{lol. but I really like how my quote corner turned out. There's jut no room in the rest of the cabin for them, and I can't mess up the walls with tape or nails. Sooo...quotes go in the bathroom. XD}

My most recent creation:

{It was lovely fun to make. :) I have to exercise both sides of my brain to keep it all working, clearly. XD}

My new arrangement of earrings/cuffs: + guardian hedgehog

Maybe I'll get to tell you a little bit about what my weeks actually look like once I have some idea. XD At this point I'm not planning on spending a whole lot of time actually in this place, I will say that. :) 

What's the next new thing happening in your lives?

2 thoughts shared:

Ashton said...

I love the bathroom... as crazy and random as that sounds! :P

The next new thing happening for me is being officially in photography school -- and a week away from graduating from another university! :D

Katherine Sophia said...

Hee, well, that's why I had to put up a picture of it...I like it too, silly as it seems. XD

That's exciting! and congratulations on graduating! :D Hopefully my blog photos will not become too painful for you to look at... ;) (My camera is broken in like 4 places and literally must be held together to take a doesn't make for decent photography, lol. XD)


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