Monday, September 28, 2015

in honor of editing

which I should be doing more of.  ;)

   “That!” Echo cried and he snatched up a syringe he had missed the first time through. 
   “What does it do?” he demanded, looking in vain for any sort of labeling as he started back towards the cot.
   “It’s for overdoses…” she started, then stopped, as if realizing at the same time he did that the how didn’t exactly matter. Assuming it worked at all.
   “Just tell me where do I stick it,” he said, pulling the cap off. 
   The robotic voice nearly made him drop the syringe. 
   “Full dosage for two hundred pounds. Twist plunger two clicks to the right for every twenty-five pounds below this weight.”
   “I don’t know what it weighs!” Ellian snapped, as if the talking medicine was going to answer him.
   “You carried him—” Echo started, and Ellian started twisting it to the right.    The creature weighed nothing near two hundred pounds, and he could always give more later, right? He hoped. But who made a talking syringe that couldn’t dose itself!
   “If this is an emergency, inject immediately into any large muscle group.”
   “What defines large?” Ellian growled, as the syringe continued, “This injection is active against the following drug classes:”
   “Just inject it!” Echo half cried. “His leg or his shoulder…it can’t be that different from insulin injections.”
    “Which I know absolutely nothing about!” he couldn’t help answering. “This is seriously something I never thought I’d do,” he added, pulling the left side of the jacket out of the way and shoving the  thin shirt up so the muscle of the angel’s upper arm was visible. 

   He steadied the syringe in his hand and glanced over at Echo. Silent, motionless, not breathing, no heartbeat… “It’s not like I’m gonna hurt him more,” he said aloud, then wished she hadn’t flinched.

~Contract to Time Travel

2 thoughts shared:

Vicki said...


I have always had a penchant for medical rescues in stories ... I love the authenticity you can now bring to your writing!! Please do keep us updated on this one, won't you???

Katherine Sophia said...

:D I will! I'm talking to an editor right now about whipping it into prettier shape... It might take me a couple years, but I fully intend to publish this one. XD


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