Monday, August 24, 2015

when nothing is wrong, everything's a sin.

I was enjoying some Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip (yum) on my chips the other day when 
being a compulsive reader
I happened to read the lid.


Guilt was  not something that had been on my mind at the moment.

Why would it be? 

Eating is not a sin. 

Yes, there comes a point when you are trashing the temple of the Living God...rather a serious offense...but eating is not the sin. (Not eating can also result in destroying that temple; but not eating is not the sin either.) Gluttony, Greed, a Lack of Self-Control are sins...the things that come out of a body. What you put in your body is not the issue. (Clearly I'm quoting Someone Else.)

But somehow I've noticed a trend. 
The more okay everything is, the less okay anything becomes.

porn can help your marriage

all forms of gender-identity and self-expression are beautiful and are to be accepted as such

it isn't murder if you make it medical enough

it's alllllll okay.

because somehow in the midst of all this okay-ness and tolerance and love for everything imaginable...the more guilt is present. 

the more food labels weirdly insist you should feel less guilt while eating their brand

the more mothers feel horrible and then violently defend their choices when they cannot breastfeed

the more unhealthy people get as they insist their bodies are to be loved

the more families fall apart while the definition of family expands

is it mental/spirital dissonance? we know something is wrong, we know we are not as we should be...and in blaming societal pressures and religious brow-beating, we somehow end up feeling guilty for things that don't remotely matter. somehow, despite all the advice on loving yourself and following your heart, there seems to be a lot of self-hatred and very lost people about.

in a world of people saying

I keep seeing

What about you? Do you find yourself "feeling guilty" when you don't finish all the food on your plate, or when you eat something unhealthy? Do you think you should feel guilt for that? Do you think people have misplaced guilt and no way to deal with it? Or do you see something else happening? 
talk to me.

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Vicki said...

Hmm ... I'll have to think on this some more, because it's very deep and I need to make sure I grasp what you're saying; but I'm pretty sure I agree with you.

I have definitely noticed the strange food-guilt thing. I read an essay once comparing the modern diet-and-exercise fads with a religion; and while at first I thought that was a bit extreme, I eventually realized that the metaphor was uncomfortably true - people feel the need to "atone" for the "sin" of eating an unhealthy food by exercising longer; there is an element of chosen-ness or belonging (for example, the social encouragement to be a runner, or the status symbol of wearing your FitBit everywhere); and then the whole "guilt" dynamic that you noticed. Innocent food becomes something to indulge in secretly and pay for later. It was a very interesting essay and I'll see if I can find it, if you're interested.

Also, have you ever heard the comedy song "Junk Food Junkie"? I think you'd enjoy it in this context:

Love this thought!! Keep it coming!

~ Vicki

Ashton said...

Hah. Interesting question. Yeah, I do feel guilty when I eat something unhealthy, but then bypass the thought and move on with life. :P

Misplaced guilt... I don't quite know. I suppose so. I haven't truly given this as much thought as you! :)

wisdomcreates said...

Interesting. I hadn't seen this viewpoint before, but it makes sense.

Katherine Sophia said...

:) Thank you all for commenting!
I'm still considering it myself...especially since I think I have a decent understanding of sin and forgiveness and right and wrong, and yet I still find myself using the same language of feeling guilty when I'm too full to finish what I have on my plate or feeling guilty when I stuff myself in order to finish my plate etc, to stick with the food example. It's interesting...

LOL Vicki. XD That song... XD XD
That essay sounds rather fascinating...if you come across it again I would definitely be interested to read it...though I don't want to add to what is probably a very long list of things you have to do every day.... XD


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