Tuesday, July 21, 2015

This Week I... [+a question for dear readers at the end]

so good to be back to this glorious view....

nearly died: 
actually managed to behave myself this week...I did do a few stupid things, but despite leaving late for meeting, walking in a bad part of town a little too close to midnight, and somehow ending up scrubbed in on a surgery, I was never close to death. XD (Nor were my patients, which is something I'm super happy about.)

A few chapters of a slightly less typical Mirriam Neal emotion-destroyer...guh. sometimes that girl. Also she has insane art skills, so follow that link, peoples. I have plans for finishing up her most recently finished novel this weekend, and I am extremely excited.

listened to: 
Not. Much. It was really sad. I love music.
Here is one song though...yeah, I'm still into foreign musicals. (And I love the fact that I can watch a Korean adaptation of a Japanese musical written by an American composer (Frank Wildhorn) based off a manga. XD) I haven't had time to look much into the story, but like...this song.

Besides his voice...I love the way the song touches on doing evil that good might come, on the death penalty, on the kind of sacrifices that should or should not be made for the sake of others, and on how life-and-death power over others corrupts. 

this one's sound is off (which, yeah, defeats the purpose of listening to music), but I don't know, I find it fascinating in this day of moral relativism and personal values and following your heart. (And I always love to find villain stories that are compelling...)

and because loyalty and justice and honor and conflicts between them are always themes I love...if you want to listen to a song in English...here's this one. :) 

prayed that: 
lots of stuff. :) I will say that OB rotation teaches you very quickly to pray very hard while in the middle of doing other things.
And limp babies give me nightmares, while crying is sometimes the absolute most beautiful sound in the world.

The weird bit is being on OB vs a PEDS rotation is that I don't know if my prayers were answered...though if anybody's baby had died I would have heard. So there is that, at least...

....a short and rather disturbing story about the genetically modified assassins in Contract to Time Travel...(check out my question at the end...XD)

the thing that stood out to me most in school was: 
how good it was to have a week where things went well for once. This was probably the first time in 2 years where stuff clicked and I learned a ton and I was not shy and basically I loved it. 
I am totally waiting for next week to hit me like a ton of bricks and completely cream me, but at the same time I'm just purely enjoying it at the moment. Not expecting it to continue this way, but loving how it's been so far. XD

learned from life: 
- when sleeping in a call room, check the temperature first. if you don't want to spend five hours shivering and then get up and realize on your way out the door that it's about 62 degrees there.
- calling security before you're leaving short call in the middle of the night is probably not a bad idea.
- keeping track of what day it is usually is a good idea
- I can sleep anywhere. Slightly awkward, but useful. XD 
- spending 2 years in class and then 1 week chasing after attendings and residents at the end of the entourage like a baby duckling will kill your legs. I could barely walk up stairs by Friday. embarrassing, I know. XD

new words: 
mostly a TON of new contractions. OB/GYN is full of contractions, pun absolutely intended. I learned probably this many every day, but here's a few:
ROM (does not stand for Range of Motion like it does in the rest of medicine)

the question:

I'm thinking of having a private blog to share stories on. I'd still do snippets here, of course, but there I'd post long sections, short stories (like the one I mentioned above), etc. maybe even chapters of particular stories. Would any of you be interested in that? let me know in a comment... :D

6 thoughts shared:

Leah B said...

I would love that!!!
I think its a great idea. Thanks for sharing a bit about your life, I really enjoyed reading this.


Erika said...

Interested? Yes. :D

Ashton said...

*waves hand* That'd be great! (In relation to your question. ^_^ ).
And this: G_P___ is a word? Like, what does it stand for?! *mind blown*

Chloe Linn said...

Of course! I'd love to hear your stories!

Your week sounds interesting. Lots of not-to-do's that I will remember not to do.


Christine Smith said...

Yes, please don't die. o.o

A private blog with your writing? Um, YES I'D BE INTERESTED!!!! I literally JUST finished Contract to Time Travel last night and it'd be sooo fun to have a blog with more of your delicious writing. Except I'm kind of terrified because you tore my heart out on multiple occasions in that book. I just kind of had to lay there and try to recover after finishing it. Also I'm sooo sorry it's taken me so long to read it and get my thoughts back to you. I'm hoping to do that VERY soon!


Katherine Sophia said...

Thanks for reading, Leah! :)

That makes me happy, Erika. XD

G_P____ stands for Gravida Para, and the _ stand for the numbers following, Ashton. :D [G5P1302 means a pregnant woman with 1 previous pre-term baby, 3 pre-term babies, no miscarriages/abortions, and 2 living children. G1P000 means a pregnant woman with no previous pregnancies. etc etc etc XD]

haha, Chloe - I am very good with coming up with not-to-do's. If anyone else can profit and not have to do them once, I'm glad. XD

I'll try not to die, Christine. XD And thank you so much... :) I look forward to hearing your thoughts, but don't worry about rushing - especially given that I had a whopping 2 days between my board exam and starting my rotation, doing anything with that story clearly was not going to happen. XD Which, yay, means I get more time to refine it. XD

and THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR RESPONSE. XD I will let you know when stuff comes together. :D


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