Sunday, July 26, 2015

the story blog

I asked, you answered, I am proceeding forward. XD

I think you just have to request access...let me know if it doesn't work that way...  :)

Like I said, it'll be short stories, pieces of my stories, maybe whole chapters, etc. Hopefully it'll be fun and you're all welcome to jump in and see what's there! :D

*EDIT* soooo it appears the way to make this work is I need your email address and then I can add you as a reader. :)

soooo, if you'd like to read the blog, leave your email address in a comment. I won't publish them, I'll use them to add you as a reader, and then I'll delete them, and I won't contact you with goods or services. XD

4 thoughts shared:

Ashton said...

It says contact the author... does that mean I need to email you? ;P I do have your email somewhere... *digs out archives of emails*

Katherine Sophia said...

ahhh...okay, I think I have this figured out now... and I /think/ you should be invited. let me know if you don't get an invite. :D

Ashton said...

It worked! xD M'kasih!

Katherine Sophia said...

Thank you, other people who left comments! XD I have invited you, so if you don't get invites, please let me know and we can try again. :D


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