Sunday, January 4, 2015

Med School 2015

Now that you've read all my thoughtful posts, I hope you take this one in the tongue-in-cheek manner in which it is written. Or giffed. XD 
But anyway.

I feel like I was just doing school. 
How did two weeks of break go by already?
which means tomorrow is back to at least 6 hours of class and however many hours it takes to learn the information presented in those 6 hours. 

Y'know, there are times when working on school just kinda goes like this

and I'm like

and then I just sit there and say to myself:

but then I get a hold of myself and tell myself

since after all


people complain about school and I'm like...

they ask how I'm doing and I'm just like...

because my biggest question in med school is definitely

every time tests come around I look at the questions and just...










After that complicated argument between me, myself, and I...I really have nothing to say if you look at me and think:


but no matter, here is a picture for you. 


5 thoughts shared:

Cait @ Paper Fury said...

OKAY. I JUST ENJOYED THIS SO SO MUCH. XD Aww, I'm sad Med school is difficult but seriously you must be soooo smart so I HOPE YOU DO REALLY WELL. I KNOW YOU WILL. Good luck for all the things, okay?! And Supernatural gifs FTW!

Katherine Sophia said...

Bringing gifs to blogger one post at a time... :D I keep reading your blog to see the skill of one who's been doing it longer. XD
and thank you! XD I appreciate it.
(Also yes. Having a gif for everything is spectacularly useful. All the time.) ;)

Jack said...

You seconded all my thoughts and feelings while I was in school. And yet, I want to go back. There is something wrong with that.

Ashton said...

*giggle* This made me laugh. I love these posts you make. xD
Prayers for you as you continue your semester!

Katherine Sophia said...

:D sometimes I feel like school is universally a constant war between loving to learn and the way we currently go about doing so, Jack...though currently I'm working on enjoying it while I'm in it. XD we'll see how that works...

Thank you, Ashton! :D Prayers are always appreciated! :) And I'm glad you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them!


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