Tuesday, November 25, 2014

*in which I try to sell you cool stuff*

it's never too early for Christmas shopping.
yes, I'm planning on doing a Thanksgivingy post later.
but for those of you readers planning out your weeks, I thought I'd let you know that Ransomed is going on sale on Black Friday! :)

and use GNE6VUXY
to get 30% off. (I think. I didn't check my math.) 
But anyway, that code makes the book very cheap. XD So if you want it, or if you want to make a child's life better, buy it. (Maybe I'll post a thank-you note I received from one of the kids at Chrystal Peaks Youth Ranch...)

And, because I've been asked if I sell these...I guess I do. If anyone wants to buy them. XD
peacock ear cuffs anyone? 

these are all hand-made wire ear cuffs, no piercings required, once you fit them to your ear so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing them until someone compliments you. 

 winged wire... $7 (left ear)

 beaded squiggles...$5 (right ear)

peacock hair bangle $7 (attach to bobby pin)

 peacock ear cuff  $7 (left ear)

swirl ear cuff...$5 (left ear)
(note: with this one, it's very easy to slide the bead off and replace it with another - switch the look whenever you feel like it) 

peacock headband...$15

modeled by two girls who had way too much fun with a camera last summer. The headband is adjustable (though maybe you'd want some bobby pins in to keep it exactly where you want it)...ear cuffs by their very wire nature are adjustable, though you should be aware that having only my own ears for models they're proportionally a bit small. Obviously I could make them bigger, it's just that currently I just make them when I can't stand doing school any more and the number of wire ear cuffs on my shelf is growing. I can only wear so many of them, so these sit there. XD And in this case the money would go to make this child happy.  ;)
 So yes, I do sell if anybody's buying. 
now you know. 
stay here and buy. 
or go forth and don't.

and if you know of a place to get flying pigs or cheap dala horses, my sister's got a very specific Christmas list. XD let me know.

what's on your Christmas list, anyway? and when do you start looking for stuff for other people?

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wisdomcreates said...

For someone who does not have pierced ears the idea of a beautiful and comfortable set of pierceless earrings sounds amazing. I've never seen cuffs like this before.
I have two questions for you:
1. Can I get matching lefts and rights? And does that cost twice as much? (i.e., Are the prices listed for one ear at a time?)
2. Can I order what I want based on what I see? For example, can I order a left and right of the same design? Or could I request one of your designs but with a different color bead?

Katherine Sophia said...

I'll quick do another post. XD


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