Wednesday, November 26, 2014

in answer to questions on the last post XD

Do you have any other designs?
see the following picture for the designs I have made before and therefore should be able to make again. XD (the peacock one has the same design as these)

Do I buy left and right ears separately?  Are they priced separately? 
Well, of the ones I've got made there's only 1 of each, and yes, they're priced separately.(So it'd be $10 for a pair.)

Do you have matching sets available?
Not on hand - I could make a match to any of these if you really wanted it.

On the swirl ear cuff: do you have it in blue or deep red?
 :( I am sorry, I do not. 

Can I order what I want based on what I see? For example, can I order a left and right of the same design? Or could I request one of your designs but with a different color bead?
Unfortunately it's a very spare time hobby of mine, so I don't really have a selection - the picture shows designs and available beads. I do have two of the wings...otherwise everything's single but the teardrops. 
You could certainly pick a design and a bead, if you like a different combination. Or you could just wear a cuff, without a bead (that'd be just $6 for a pair). 
(Personally I like a set of the wing design with the teardrop beads... XD)

and because I feel bad if you really want one but I don't have quite what you're thinking of, this girl is brilliant at making them. She doesn't have any in her etsy shop right now, but she does custom orders, and is really good at it. XD 
(Clearly I will never be a salesperson. XD)

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