Friday, October 17, 2014

Where I live.

Because clearly you haven't gotten to see my new room. And I love my room. 

It's the first one I've decorated all on my own, and...yeah, I love it. 

Okay, so when I said I had a bunch of decorating ideas, my mom did give me some gorgeous satiny fabric. As well as have the genius idea to make a jewelry tree. And I totally stole the quote wall from Mirriam. And a lot of things that make my room pretty are presents. (The amber necklace on my tree is from a man in Lithuania. My dad was on a business trip and a Lithuanian business associate heard he had a daughter and sent the necklace to me. The scarf and candle and bird and a couple of the other necklaces are from a friend, and the jewelry box (which is really cool and I wish you could see it better) is from another friend


the bookshelf across from my bed...which I KNOW, has so few books on it it's somewhere between a travesty and a tragedy.
But there's that whole deal with books being heavy and me not having time to read them anyway and me moving in a couple months anyway.

*promptly begins mourning for room*

I totally love how this fan (which a friend brought home from Spain) matches the box under it (birthday present from this friend again XD). I think the mirror used to be my mom's. 

and there's this...sorry, not well put together. But I was trying to make the pictures stand up. 


{said pictures done by this marvelous person, for Ransomed - someone else commissioned them to surprise me, and I adored the detail and the feel of them. Based on my funding/audience, I ended up going with my original vision of realistic illustrations - which I obviously love - but hiring her on the spot as my illustrator was tempting. XD There is also always the future...}

and then there's my quote wall...I've very much enjoyed adding to it the past few months. XD and it's always fun to see what people say when they see it. 

and my bed as seen in the's like a giant feather blanket pile and I like it a lot. I've always wanted a feather blanket, and the curtainy stuff over my bed just makes things fun. 

Though I sometimes wonder if I'll wait up smothered in curtains and pins just because I thought it looked cool.

I didn't take much in the way of pictures of it, but I'm on the third floor at the top of a spiraling staircase, which meant I have this ridiculously tall ceiling over my stairs. 
So I hung a tree branch there.

I love the shadows. 

And the comments I get on that are quite fun too. 

{a tree branch? from the ceiling? How did I not see that coming up the stairs?}

I was debating between the bird and the butterfly and a friend stopped by and said it needed something. And then stuck the bird on it as her contribution to my room. XD So the bird stays.

and then there's my other favorite part about my room.

The place I've been spamming your blog feeds with the past two weeks. 

I mean...I still go on walks and see random nightshade cousins...

but my window. 

I've never had such a view before.

Whether it's cloudy
Or blue and sunny
from one sunrise
to the next
It's beautiful every day.

And there's really nothing like looking up from an hour's exhausting study on inner workings of the heart and seeing two bald eagles circling right outside.

so there. 

Now you know where I spend most of my time. XD

and also how I feel about  my room. 


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Vicki said...

I ... I am a bit ... enraptured. NO WONDER you love this room. What a blessing of a place to come home to with all your ridiculously hard homework and all the detailed stuffs you need to memorize and know ... it's so beautiful and restful!! I love your decor and I LOVE your view!!!

Just curious, are you living in a dorm, or an apartment, or what? I'm starting to think about living arrangements because the time may be coming for me to move away from home, and I'm trying to learn about other students' living arrangements so I have ideas on what to possibly expect. :-)

THANK YOU so much for sharing the lovely pictures!! What a simply wonderful room!!

(I hope your exam went well the other day? I prayed for you!)

Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend!


Jessica Greyson said...

I love it....

Katherine Sophia said...

XD it's been very good for me, Vicki. And I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the pictures!
I am actually living in a duplex this year, with several family members who are also doing school! (It's been super nice to see them more and I'm glad it worked out for us to be in the same town XD) I've tried very hard to stay either with my own family or other families the past few years, and it has mostly gone very well. Knowing my own weaknesses, being with families drives me to stay connected and be involved with them, versus what I'd do if I was on my own which is probably stay on my computer. XD
From what I've seen/heard of dorms I knew they were the last place I wanted to be...(I do need SOME time away from crowds of people XD). The house thing is more work (though once you get a whole family outside shoveling it's pretty fun XD), so I suppose an apartment would be a nice in-between. (And probably where I'd want to be if I wasn't in a house. Or always living with people who had teen boys to do the mowing. XD) If that helps at all. :D

and thank you for the prayers! :D It went okay, which was a huge blessing, and I'm pretty sure prayer had a lot to do with it. (Even in focusing while studying before the test, or in figuring out which resources to use to learn material...I was kind of amazed at how much material I got through on Thursday. so thank you so much!!) :)

:D Were you surprised at how much of my room is due to you, Jessica? you have quite good taste, you know. XD

Bound and Freed said...

So awesome. I love it. And I have thoroughly enjoyed all the views from your window. They are gorgeous. In spite of your talented decorating, God beats you, hands down. :D said...

your room.
I like it.
I like it a lot.
but the view.
And quote wall.
What a brilliant idea.
I like that, too.

Katherine Sophia said...

No contest, Bound and Freed. XD The sky always wins.

I thought you might like the quote wall, Mirriam. XD and Pepper is brilliant.
but yes. I will rave about my view until everyone is sick of it. :D

pepperjdarcy said...

THAT WAS YOU?! <3 I ILLUSTRATED FOR YOU?! I REMEMBER YOU FROM BLOGGER DAYS... AND THAT WAS YOU?! I did those SO long ago. I spat on my computer because at first I was like: HOLY COW, my art is on someone's wall and I haven't seen them in forever... and then I realised where they CAME from!! That story was so BEAUTIFUL! <3

Katherine Sophia said...

XD *apologizes to your computer* Yes!! Yours is the only original art I have in my room, and it makes me very happy. :D


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