Friday, September 5, 2014

you know you're a med-student when...

you put heart into Grooveshark and just...

Give Your Heart a Break .....better not...

Heart Attack .....same artist. She's right. That's what happens when you give your heart a break.

Just a Little Bit of Your Heart    No thanks. Every bit of that thing is important.

Heart-Shaped Box. Anatomy. C'mon. It's a tangled-up tube specifically designed to pump blood. A box shaped like that would no longer be a box. 

Me and My Broken Heart.  *wince* that's horrible. you probably shouldn't be singing right now.

Kickstart My Heart. Only if you're in ventricular fibrillation or pulseless ventricular tachycardia. None of this flat-line shocking.

Break Your Heart Right Back. Wow. Vicious, much?

My Heart Will Go On. I hope so. When it's not, you won't be singing.

Heart of Gold. Bet that isn't pumping too well.

Tattooed Heart.  O.o let me know how that's working for you. (needles? hearts? much bad.)

Follow Your Heart. really should not be going anywhere...

Bulletproof Heart. Let me guess. Is it gold? 

You'll Be In My Heart. unfortunate...I'd really be much happier not having to go in there and mess around. Bypass surgery isn't fun.

Elastic Heart. ack. Marfan syndrome...this isn't good either.

If I Had a Heart. I hate to break it to you...but you do have one. 

Heart Skipped a Beat. You're probably okay. Let me know if happens a lot, though, or if seems like it's fluttering for a long time.

Heart in a Cage. It's called your ribs. They protect your heart. It's a good thing.

Heart It Races. How fast? How long? Were you exercising? We should probably do a stress test and maybe an EKG...

Born With a Broken Heart. I'm so sorry...

Heart is a Drum. You could look at it that way. A drum that pumps 2,000 gallons of blood every day.

My Heart Is the Worst Kind of Weapon. That...would be correct. I wouldn't advise attempting to use it as such.

Heart Upon My Sleeve. That is an anatomical anomaly. 

Groove is in the Heart. Correct. Full name is the coronary groove, auriculoventricular groove, atrioventricular groove, AV groove, or coronary sulcus.

Heart in My Hand. I hope you're a heart surgeon. In which case that is awesome. In all other circumstances...very bad.

When Did Your Heart Go Missing? That is definitely something one should be aware of. Except if your heart went missing you wouldn't know about it. Because you'd be dead.

How Can You Mend a Broken Heart? It takes 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, and probably something along the lines of an internal medicine residency and a cardiothoracic surgery fellowship to learn the answer to that.

Hungry Heart.'s not your brain. and if it's missing oxygen or nutrients, that's very bad news.

Junk of the Heart. High cholesterol? 

Heart's All Gone. That would be the result of Junk of the Heart

Heart is Hard to Find. Not particularly...under the 5th rib and all that y'know. 

Rhythm of My Heart. It's a beautiful and incredible thing.

When Your Heart Stops Beating. you better hope somebody around you knows CPR. Though in all truthfullness that will most likely not get it started again, sad to say.

Harden My Heart.  *wince again* atherosclerosis is not good. 

Heart of Steel. Oh, THAT'S the bulletproof heart. I was gonna say, I don't think gold is the best metal for that.

Fire in my Heart. O.o also bad.

Heart Full of Wine. Technically red wine does have heart benefits. In moderation. Which I'm not sure a heart-full would be.

Bleeding Heart. They shouldn't do that. Bloody, yes. Not bleeding.

I Think I Need a New Heart. Elastic, Steel, Gold, Tattooed, full of Wine and Junk, bleeding, broken, burning, and on your sleeve. I agree. 

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Jansina G said...

You're so thilly! I love it. :)

Bound and Freed said...

Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard. My cheeks hurt, my abs hurt, I have tears in my eyes, and everybody in the house came running to see what had me literally doubled over. That was fabulous. Oh, that is so awesome. Thanks for the great post, KS!

Katherine Sophia said...

XD Thanks, Jansina! :D

haha, I'm glad you enjoyed it, Bound and Freed! XD It was fun putting it together.


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