Wednesday, February 19, 2014


These days I mostly do Neurology. It's the hardest week of the hardest course at this med school...other than finals week of Neuro, I'm assuming. :)

Going to bed every night at 3am is not my favorite thing to do, but I thought I'd share what I'm learning about today. I admit to finding this video a bit awesome. XD

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Vicki said...

AAAAAAAA, I can't believe it, I've watched that video! We use it all the time in my speech and hearing classes!! You and I are watching the same videos a thousand miles apart!!! :-D

Seriously, though, yes, auditory transduction is utterly fascinating. The whole science of the different types of nerves firing in different ways based on where the sound wave localizes on the basilar membrane is a little bit beyond me ... but I love it just the same. :-) The entire auditory system fascinates me to no end - it's what keeps calling me back to med school to be an ENT. :-)

Good luck with your class, my friend! I doubt I've studied anything high enough to be able to help you, but I'm for sure cheering you on!! Hugs!

~ Vicki

Ashton said...

WOW. That was a pretty sweet video. xD
just shows how amazing God is.

Katherine Sophia said...

Ha! That's so cool, Vicki! :D I am finding this course absolutely fascinating, despite massive frustration in the student body that this course should be at least two weeks longer so we could absorb a bit more. :) There is just SO MANY incredible things to learn about related to it!
Thank, as always, for your encouragement and prayers! :) I hope your spring is going well...maybe once I get through neuro I'll have a chance to catch up a bit on your blog! :)

Isn't it awesome, Ashton? :D I find myself amazed more and more all the time by the unbelievably amazing things He has put together to make life work. :)


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