Sunday, January 26, 2014

This Week I...

almost died: Actually health-whole and quite alive, this week...
There was that one night were I had to go out in a blinding snowstorm, driving miles away to pick up a book that wasn't there...but naw, it wasn't that bad. (Mentally, it was extraordinarily irritating. I don't think I was in particular danger of death, though, except perhaps by apoplexy.) 

read: More of Becoming Hannah, Natural Disasters...

listened to: a lot of kpop. Busy-work drives me insane...somehow I have a feeling I might be listening to this stuff a lot as I do patient histories etc. Unless of course I actually learn Korean, in which case they might become a bit distracting. :P 

prayed that: I'd get a reference for my scholarship application. Two of my favorite people at the school wrote one for me. They're also Very Important People at the school (and my favorite/important rarely overlap, making that rather incredible XD), so I am very thankful. :) We'll see what happens...

wrote: a bit of CTTT... I'm pretty much at the climax of the story now, girls (and occasional rare boy who dares read this blog). It's all downhill from here... 

“I would break your neck for you if I thought it would help,” he said, and Petra grinned up at him raggedly. “Thanks for that,” he whispered, and Kang-Dae got to his feet, jaw clenched.

learned from life: google Winged Hussars. That is all.

want to: get through several hundred pages of reading before Neuro starts. Oh, my head. 

The thing that stood out to me most in school was: It is not nearly so hard to draw blood as you would think. Actually it's kind of fun. I will stop myself there before waxing eloquent and weirding you all out. XD
SubQ injections, on the other hand, hurt. And leave bruises. :P I like my colleagues giving shots to oranges better than to me...
Also, I find it hilarious that when a nurse can't find a vein - who does she call? The doctor. Guess who taught us as future doctors how to draw blood? Nurses. And guess who drew blood one time in my life and will be practicing on patients from now on? Me. XD Good thing it's easy, like I said. :D 
On the other hand, I'm now terrified of going to the OR and contaminating something. Ya'll should feel very safe from germs while getting surgery - I never saw so many rules! O.o 

The thing that stood out to me in my Bible reading:  Okay, forget the rest of the week...this is just a little thing from yesterday and today. I was reading Romans 7 and thinking how very tragic is the story of our Old Man's's like someone being snatched away from an unbelievably horrible and abusive relationship, rescued by the most incredible person you could ever imagine, someone who loves her enough to give up his life for her. The other person in that first relationship is dead and gone - it's over forever. But memories, thoughts, feelings - the ghost of that first terrible person - linger on, haunting her each day. That poisons the new relationship, doesn't it? Let the first be over and done with! Sin has no power over you! So why do we keep listening to, believing, allowing everything that should be over and done with to keep affecting us?  

[for the record, I don't actually think people can stick around on earth after they die and bug living people, which is, I believe, something along the lines of the accepted definition of ghosts. But our sin nature certainly does this.]

Then today I was reading Joshua 10...and y'know...if you are fighting an enemy of the Lord (whatever it is...distractions, fear, whatever is keeping you from following Him), don't make any alliances. Don't call a truce. No cease-fires. Fight until you can put your foot on its neck, smite it, slay it, and hang it on a tree. Then bury it deep in a cave and avalanche rocks unto the cave. Then you know it's dead. And next time it comes around to fight...remind yourself it's been completely destroyed. It can't beat you. The Captain of the Hosts of the Lord has been fighting - if you're on His side, the war has already been won. 

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Bound and Freed said...

Your lessons from the Bible were partly for me, too. I just wanted you to know that.

By the way, you are not weird. It is totally fun to draw blood. I have done it enough now to know that there are a few people here and there who are actually difficult but for the most part it is very easy -- which surprised me when I started. Also, for whatever reason, I have an easier time on small veins that larger ones...go figure.
I alarmed my younger sister the other day. I was rubbing her arm, and all the sudden I thought "I wonder what her veins are like" so I paused to feel for one of the veins in her antecubital fascia. She found that totally weird and a little creepy. Ooops. I guess I better go back to just rubbing her arm. Anyway, have fun with your studies!

Katherine Sophia said...

Thank you! Pretty much every time I wonder if I should post a certain thing or not, I find out someone else was glad to read it, but I always wonder - so really, thank you for encouraging me to keep sharing.

Haha, that's hilarious. The poor people who live with those of us who find such things interesting... XD


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