Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pancakes & Pizza

Food is the topic of the month...and this time it's a piece from the book I want to get serious about writing this summer...we'll see where that thought goes. :)
Thank you, Rachel!
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Derek was on his feet in a moment, turning hurt eyes to Jaime. “You could have stepped in, too,” he said, his voice filled with reproach.
“You didn’t ask me!” Jaime said, and then Tristan was on Derek again, slamming him around and face-first into the fridge, twisting his arm behind his back.
Derek yelped and Tristan pressed him harder. “It’s midnight, and it’s not me attacking you. How do you get out of this?”
“It’s not you? In that case I’m gonna scream like a little baby for you to get down here and save me,” Derek answered. “Shouldn’t you be asking Jaime that sort of thing? I thought I already passed the my-brother-is-trying-to-kill-me test.”
Tristan released him scornfully. “Oh, come on!” he said, and the next instant another of the kitchen chairs went crashing over sideways and Derek had Tristan on his back.
“You little faker!” Tristan accused, and Derek grinned.
“Big faker?” he said, and Tristan laughed, rather breathlessly, since Derek’s forearm was now pressed tightly against his neck.
“You have been keeping up with more than books,” Tristan choked out, before knocking Derek violently backwards.
“Not quite perfect,” he said then, rising to his feet and looking down sternly at Derek who lying in the corner where the cupboards met, looking up at him in a rather dazed fashion.
But then Tristan smiled, holding out his hand to Derek. “Still, not bad, Dare.”

Derek’s smile answered as he took the outstretched hand, getting heavily to his feet and bowing clumsily.  
“What’s for supper?” he asked, and Tristan shrugged.
“Order pizza delivered?” he suggested, and Derek frowned.
“What happened to that being a ridiculously expensive way to loose oneself from the few slivers of gold acquired through days and weeks of heartbreaking, backbreaking, agonizing, torturous death-camp labor?”
Tristan looked at him blankly. “Pretty sure I just said pizza delivery was a waste of money.”
Jaime crossed his arms. “You said that next time I ordered pizza delivered to the door you were gonna pitch me in the trash after the money I had just thrown away.”
Tristan nodded his head to one side. “Eh. That too. But…I think today we can afford to celebrate. Just a bit. So Derek, you can order pizza, and Jaime, you don’t have to worry about getting sent out to the ocean just yet.”

Little time passed before the doorbell rang, and Jaime found himself opening the first pizza box on the kitchen table.
“Pineapple? Really? Who eats that?” He pushed the box away with a face and opened up the second to happily pick up a piece of thick-crust pepperoni pizza.
“Sophisticated people who are no longer in high school, that’s who.” Derek slid into the kitchen from the hallway, stopping himself with one of the kitchen chairs.
“Wow, did somebody just scrub the floor?” he added, reaching for a slice of the pineapple and ham.
Jaime shrugged, his mouth full of pizza. Tristan came walking in at that moment, frowning slightly at the paper in his hand. Barely looking up, he hooked a chair leg with his foot and pulled it away from the table, sitting down, reaching for a slice of pizza, and then taking a bite, still reading.
Instantly he dropped the paper onto the table, looking up with a grimace. “Pineapple? Really?”
He tossed the piece on the cover of the pizza box and reached for the water pitcher. “Do you have any idea how nasty cheese and pineapple taste together? What is wrong with your taste buds?”
Jaime kicked Derek’s foot under the table, nodding, but Derek merely grinned. “More pizza for me I guess.”
“I guess is right.” Blair was standing in the doorway looking at the pineapple pizza with extreme distaste on his face. “You get the whole thing, Dare. En-joy. Ugh.”
He came into the kitchen then, pouring himself a glass of water and reaching for the pepperoni pizza.
“Thank You, God, for this food and the fact that Dare is not making pancakes for supper tonight,” he said aloud, then began to eat.
Tristan raised his slice of pizza. “Amen to that,” he said.
Derek swallowed the pizza in his mouth. “Those chocolate-banana-berry-pineapple-oatmeal pancakes were good, and you of all people should have appreciated them, Blair! They were healthy!”
“They were disgusting,” Jaime said, taking another bite of pizza.

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Alyianna Baggins said...

Thank you for the kind words on my Chatterbox post. I really like this excerpt. I'd like to hear more from this book idea. :)

- Alyianna

Bound and Freed said...

This is my first time on your blog. I love stumbling across the blogs of gifted writers...

Katherine Sophia said...

It's always fun to see what people have written, Alyianna! :D And thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it...I may be posting more for Katie's Snippets or more of Rachel's Chatterboxes. :)

And thank you for stopping by, Bound and Freed! :) I appreciate the association between your two sentences... XD lol, but thanks! :D

Miss Melody Muffin said...


I love these boys.

Dare tricking Tristan is BRILLIANT.

'a ridiculously expensive way to...' *DYING* Dare- I love him!

'You said you were gonna pitch me in the trash' *dies again*


Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE this story? :D You strike a wonderful balance between the humor and arguments of four boys, and the tragedy of some of the later snippets. It's a beautiful story. (But don't tell them I called it that. They might not understand. :D)

Katherine Sophia said...

XD I admit to loving them also...and now you've got me wanting to write in ALL MY STORIES RIGHT NOW. :D oh, dear... XD


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