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Snips of Snippets...

the following snippets are all from Contract to Time Travel...
Phoenix Fire...

There was a blur of movement and she recognized the black-haired angel the instant before his open palm struck her across the face, viciously snapping her head back.
    “Keh, don’t break her neck, Dante.” Ja-Il sounded infinitely bored. 


The leader and the dark one dove to meet them both, and then Ty was screaming behind Ellian and he spun to see Kang-Dae there, black and white hair wildly askew, raging fury on his face. There was a knife in his right hand and he looked at Ellian as he reached for the boy, mockery joining the bloodlight in his blue eyes.


    “The…watch…isn’t…working…” he managed, forcing himself to breathe in between words. 

    “Oy, what’d you do to my Precious?” Chabry snapped, coming around the other side of the desk. He leaned against it, crossing his arms as he glared down at Ellian. “You know if you break it, I’m gonna kill you…speaking of killing, I need to talk to you about that sister of yours.”
    Dizziness disappeared from Ellian’s mind in a flash, and he was instantly on his feet. “What?” he demanded.



     “He’s done nothing—he’s just a child.”
     “And therefore useless.” Dante shook black hair from his eyes, then focused them on Hae-Jin. “What are you waiting for?” He brought his hand back, flipping the dagger he held and sending it hurtling towards Hae-Jin. “Is a knife easier for you?” he asked sarcastically.


     So what if his watch and his translator were across the room, held by the enemy freak with the crazily blue eyes. Which, while he was thinking of that—he raised his head, looking towards said freak. “Would you mind not playing with that thing?” 

     Those blue eyes went instantly to him, and his mouth snapped shut.


    Straightening, he gave a slight shake to his head, tossing black hair away from his eyes. Somehow in that moment his gaze met hers, and she felt ice shiver through her. Could the look he sent her way been made tangible, it would have bled her out.


in case you're interested, here is Contract to Time Travel's pinterest board...some pictures, a lot of quotes, a few snippets scattered throughout...Pinterest has been huge in writing this story. :D

while I'm on snippets, here's a longish one from The Sons of Bretton Meyrick...these boys make me sad...

    “Keep your educated talk to yourselves.” Tristan slammed the kitchen door. His brothers paused mid-sentence, looking up at him in surprise. Blair of course could never leave well enough alone, and he shoved the chair beside him back. 
    “Come join us.”
     Tristan snorted. “And say what? Oh, no, I agree with Galileo’s view of the sun? No, so leave me out of it until I’ve gone to bed.”
     For a moment there was silence, until Blair said pointedly, “If you’re going to bed, why are you drinking coffee?”
    “Because I’m stupid,” Tristan snapped back, taking another drink and dumping the rest of his tasteless coffee down the sink and starting for the door.
    “You are not,” Derek said, and Tristan grimaced.
    “Then why am I working as a mechanic and why am I heading back to work to fix the stinkin’ vehicle of the head of the police department, because he doesn’t want anyone else touching his car and if he doesn’t have it tomorrow he’s pulling me off the bounty hunter list?” He stomped out of the kitchen. 
    Blair raised his voice, calling after him, “That’s blackmail! He can’t do that to you!”

    “Yeah, I’ll call my lawyer immediately!” Tristan yelled back, making no effort to lesson his sarcasm.

^he was supposed to go to another story...but somehow he is reminding
me of this particular character...

and a random snippet from Chaos Allegro just for fun...a new character introduced himself this week, and already I find him fascinating. XD

“Ah. You enjoy reading?” The Harbor Master smiled benevolently, one hand coming to rest upon the boy’s shoulder.

The boy’s head came up as if a puppeteer had yanked his strings. “I despise it,” he said, showing his teeth in something that might have been called a smile, had it not been so savage. He made as if to fling the book upon the desk beside him, but set it down decently enough, almost as if by accident. 
The man reached out, touching the cover. “Julius Ceasar’s The Conquest of Gaul. In the original Latin. My boy, your jest is in poor taste. For one of your station to be reading this is something to be proud of.”
That savage smile remained, as if the boy’s lips had been set in stone.  Nor did he lower his gaze, but instead met the other’s eyes fearlessly. “It were no jest,” he said. “I had almost rather die.”
A frown slid across Harbor Master’s face. “Your words do you no credit. Why would you read, then, if you hated it as you profess to?”
The stone lips twisted slightly. “Because I have stared out yonder window until I could have gouged my eyes out from pure boredom. So I read.” The lips twisted yet more. “For the sake of my eyes.”

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Miss Melody Muffin said...

Yay!!! Snippets from CTTT!!!

Ow. And the Angel sounding bored- :D.

Bloodlight- that is a cool word!

My Precious? *giggling* Way to snap a guy to his full senses Chabry!

An Angel feeling pity....

'the freak with the crazily blue eyes'... *curious*

'it would have bled her out'- oww!

I love CTTT's Pin board- but I think I've already told you that. :)

Awww- it is a good scene- as far as showing their relationship goes- but it makes me sad, too. Although I do love their sarcasm.

He despises reading but took it up for the sake of his eyes... that has got to be one of the most original reasons for reading that I've ever heard. Poor kid.

I LOVE ALL OF THESE!! CTTT especially. Those angels are going to KILL me.

Katherine Sophia said...

Yah...the angels...I am looking forward to sending you chapter 1. XD Though the angels don't appear until a bit later. But they definitely appear soon...

And yeah, CTTT is totally my favorite at the moment. XD I'm glad you liked them all, though! :D

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Wow. These were great! So very intriguing... =] I love your style! Keep it up!


Katherine Sophia said...

Thank you, Sarah! :D It always makes my day to hear people enjoyed these! XD


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