Monday, December 30, 2013

another episode of lost...

So. Some of you may remember that when it comes to finding my way, I have major skills at getting lost. (Really major. Hence the title of my blog post.) 

Lately, I've noticed it taking a turn for the worse. I generally have decided that I just need directions. Without them I have a tendency to get hopelessly I get directions before I walk out my door. One learns to deal with the limitations one has. However, even with directions, life is not always so simple as I would like.

Recently I was going to stop by the laundromat on my way I glanced at the directions I'd pulled up, and set out. 
Except the first direction was "go east on Road In The Middle Of Nowhere." 
Bah. It's NOON. How am I supposed to know which direction east is?!? 

So I shrugged and chose a direction and headed out. But I got no more than 100 yards before I started thinking I'd probably picked the wrong way...but surely the roads joined up somewhere up I shrugged and kept going. There were cars behind me, people. 

I recognized a few road names, though, which was good...and since I hadn't gone 5 miles where I probably should have gone 5 miles...I could probably turn on the next road and just go until I found another road I recognized. 

So I did. 

Until at some point I found myself staring at a very familiar-looking shack on the side of the road. I had just driven in a complete circle. 

That takes major talent, guys.  

(Also, if you go in circles when you're lost - and I am now living proof that you do - why are you supposed to stay in the same spot? You'll come back around to it eventually, and while circling you might find something useful... :P I suppose if somebody's looking for you it's different...) 

Well. Okay, so now I could go 5 miles on that road I was supposed to 5 miles on. I went past the sign I realized the road kinda had the wrong name. Handy, that. Well, if I didn't come to the next road in 5 miles, I'd know it was really wrong. (Come on. It had to be this way...) 

Except 5 miles further I was 5 miles further into the Middle of Nowhere, my next turn nowhere in sight. 

So I turned around, glancing at my directions again. Yeah...pretty sure I was going West the whole time. (Faced with four directions, I WOULD pick the one exactly opposite the direction I wanted to go.) 

Half an hour later, I was right back where I'd started in the beginning. 

Now when I looked at them, the directions made perfect sense, and I knew exactly where I was headed...(given that there was only one more road I could try, and that one led to Nowhere And Beyond, I kinda had no other choice) But if I'd taken a minute to look at them before randomly choosing my East, I would have figured out where I was headed. But instead I spent 30 minutes chasing down East. 

Sure it was a lovely day, and I was able to listen to Josh Groban singing Christmas music for a good deal longer than I would otherwise have been able to, but I found myself wondering when my brain had become so scattered I could not even FOLLOW directions, even when I had them plainly in front of me. 

But then I realized something. This is very much how my Bible reading has been lately. I know I need my life-directions, and need them badly. Without them I get absolutely nowhere. So every day I pull them up and glance at them, even as I'm already heading on my way. I don't know what I'm looking for, though, but there's a lot of familiar sounding stuff in there, and surely I'll get somewhere just going off that...

And then I find myself going in circles. Not, thank God, on the emotional roller coaster that I was on earlier this past semester, but simply in a I-should-be-growing-in-grace-and-godliness-and-oh-wait-haven't-I-seen-that-shack-before? sort of way. 

Funny that I was just reading about Rehoboam, who did evil because he prepared not his heart to seek the Lord. If I'm not being intentional about about preparing my heart to seek Him and then seeking Him...I'm just spinning my wheels. Wasting gas. Wasting time. 

I don't want 2014 to be that way. There are a million things I want to do...and I'm realizing I need to be intentional about all of them. Focused. Still awake, aware, and abiding...but with far more focused intensity and intention. Taking the wrong road while driving on a Sunday afternoon is one thing...taking a wrong turn spiritually could be far more dangerous.

So here's to choosing my path thoughtfully...focusing on what God has called me to do...and being intentional about how I use my time and resources. 

2 thoughts shared:

Erika said...

Amen. Amen.

FOCUS on God and His Word.

Nothing else matters.

And everything else will then come into place. :)

Katherine Sophia said...

It's horrible how quickly other things try to distract...but He is so faithful to remind me every time I start getting scattered and off base. He is so incredibly good to us. :)


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