Thursday, October 17, 2013

It Reeks.

Over on the blog of The Inkpen Authoress, aforesaid Authoress had the delightful idea to write a conversation regarding coffee!

Though I continue to be the aberration that is a writer and a medical student who does not drink coffee (some of my classmates drink 6 cups a day. I am an aberration), I do have some characters who drink it...and who even mention it in their stories. 

And to make up for my absentishness lately, here is a bit longish of a snippet. Also to make up for the fact that you've seen pieces of it before. I like the fact that it shows all four of my Meyrick boys, though, and it was a particular morning of theirs that I had fun typing up...I hope you enjoy reading it. XD

 Coffee was already made, and [Tristan] poured himself a cup, drowning it in cream and sugar before heading for the dining room.
As he had half expected, Derek was there, sprawled in the window seat with the old journal in his lap, reading intently with a slight frown upon his face. He did not glance up, and Tristan did not interrupt him, sitting down silently at the dining room table instead.
He was on his second cup of coffee when Blair came down the stairs, looking as if he had not slept all night. He stumbled out of the kitchen, coming out with a mug and the pot of coffee.
“Morning,” he said, and Tristan nodded to him.
Derek sat up straight then, as if realizing for the first time he was not the only one up. “Morning, guys,” he said, yawning as he said it.
 Tristan glanced between his two brothers. “Either one of you go to bed last night?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.
Derek shook his head. “I have to work today… and I kind of forgot I had a paper due. Well, I didn’t quite forget… Anyway, it’s done now… so as soon as I’m actually awake – I did go to bed at like five or something – I’m heading out.”
He set the journal on the cushions beside him and stood up, stretching. “I thought that would help me wake up… I don’t think it did.”
Tristan rolled his eyes. “You could have just slept another half hour instead.”
Yawning again, Derek laughed. “Not everybody rolls out of bed and hits the ground running like you do.”
He glanced at Blair. “You look about as tired as I feel. That can’t be a good way to study for med school.”
Blair shook his head. “I wasn’t studying. I just couldn’t fall asleep for some reason.”
“It wouldn’t kill you to sleep in,” Tristan said, looking back down at his coffee. Why he even said it he did not know. It certainly was not his problem. But sometimes he could not help but think that Blair was going to drive himself straight into the ground and collapse from nervous exhaustion. Sure, Derek was double-majoring and working at the same time, but there was never the sheer intensity in him that somehow seemed to cling to Blair. If something happened and Blair had to leave medical school… well, Tristan did not want to be around to see that happen. The boy was born to be a doctor – some kind of brilliant specialist.
But Blaire merely smiled, rather tiredly. “I’ll sleep in when you do,” he said.
Tristan rolled his eyes again, getting to his feet. “I went to bed and actually slept last night. Which is good for all of you, because today I’m going to wash the stupid windows and mow the lawn and clean the bathrooms– hopefully for the last time this year – all after I go pick up a check so we can all continue living in the grand style we have been.”
“I could help with cleaning!” Blair called after him as he started for the kitchen. “Especially if this is the last time you’re cleaning the bathrooms this year! It’s only October.”
“I meant the lawn, not the bathrooms, you idiot! And yeah right. I can take care of one house on my own.” If Blair did anything, it should be take a nap. Not that he ever would, but he and Derek both were doing plenty without having to clean the house. Jaime, on the other hand… yeah, Jaime was going to help him with the windows.
He opened one of the cupboards and reached for a bowl. A sudden memory caught him, and slowly he took down four bowls, thinking of one morning long ago when he had set four bowls down on the kitchen table, trying to pretend the day was no different than any other day.
But it had been, and they’d all known it, even seven-year-old Jaime, standing next to the counter in his hand-me-down red truck pajamas, asking how come Dad’s car and all his stuff was gone.
Tristan had almost forgotten the mess of the night before, and when he came into the dining room with the bowls and spoons in one hand and an unopened bottle of milk in the other, he felt a sudden stab of guilt as Jaime came in the other dining room door, glancing quickly away as soon as he saw him, as if expecting that Tristan was still mad at him.
He set the bowls down in the center of the table, flipping a spoon into each one and dumping the rest of the coffee in the pot into Blair’s mug before glancing at a silent Jaime, who had slumped into a chair at the opposite end of the table.
“What, aren’t you going to say this stuff reeks?” he asked, gesturing towards the steam rising from Blair’s cup. Not complaining about the smell of the coffee he woke up to every morning usually meant the boy was sick.
“It reeks.” Jaime’s voice was flat, and he laid his head down on the table, burying his face in his arms.

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Miss Melody Muffin said...

Are you the only student who doesn't drink coffee?

I think I've said this before, but it bears repeating: I LOVE THIS STORY AND THESE GUYS. :D

Awww, this part was sad, and yet I enjoyed reading it, because it clearly showed several things about the relationships the boys have with each other.

That part at then end- ouch. *wondering what is wrong with Jamie*

Miss Melody Muffin said...

Oh, and just out of curiosity, is Blair a pretty easy character for you to write- being in med school and all?

Katherine Sophia said...

Haha, there must be at least one other who doesn't like it much, but I haven't talked about coffee with everybody. XD

Blair is actually kinda hard...probably because in some ways he IS a lot like me - mostly parts of myself that I don't much like. :P (Rigid, coming across as disapproving, focused on his own agenda...he is also smarter than me and more driven, :) and as you can see, he can be super nice when he's relaxed. XD And really, I think he gets along well with most people - except Tristan, because he expects so much more of his brothers, he can be a lot harsher to them than he is to others. Another of my faults. :P)
Dare has a lot of me also, though probably the things I like more - love of books, interest in philosophy, loyal to a fault, and too willing to give in to an argument if he likes the person doing the arguing. (He's far more live-and-let-live than Blair is.)

Tristan is easier than both of them to write, and he's way more different from me than either of them. :) So I don't know how that works. XD


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