Monday, September 23, 2013

'Tis the night before Saturday...

which means it is a lovely Friday night. One of my younger brothers is heading off to a sleep-over/get-your-science-project-done-before-the-science-fair, and the youngest just got back from cross-country ski practice. He and my little sister are now taking off for Gumdo (of which I am extremely jealous. I wasn't before - because I was like... when would I ever use that in real life? But then I discovered Kdramas... and everything changed... LOL JK Though I do wish I had time to learn it with them... :P) and my mother is taking them.

They're off.

So I go up to my room and survey my collection of items needed to create a video script for writing class (due by midnight tonight) - paperclips, markers, paper, rubber bands... The dogs are barking, but I ignore them and sit down to read my genetics chapter - in order to understand the concept I'm going to write my script about. Probably a good order to go about things, yes?

Apparently the dogs don't like being home with only one person, though, and decide to hold a bark-a-thon. I haven't actually accomplished anything yet, but I finally take a break to look around. The neighbor is supposed to stop by, after all, and drop off a check for one of my brother's jobs. She's not there yet, though, and that break signals the beginning of the end, as I spend the next two hours jumping up to see if anyone is at the door every other time they bark, which ends up being a lot, since they're barking almost non-stop.
the evil that never sleeps...

Finally their barking changes and it actually is the neighbor. With her dog. I open the door... and am nearly trampled by half-breed poodles thirsty for the blood of their kin. Putting a choke-hold on the labradoodle and a foot in front of the dachapoo I accept the check over deafening barks, as her lab looks quietly on, properly horrified.

Well, at least it's over with... and nobody else should be coming to the door, so I'm just going to ignore their barking. Though of course I guilt myself into thinking they're hungry and get up to feed them... it's not like the labradoodle is looking closer to an extremely overstuffed toy than anything resembling a dog these days... *cough*

I look at my pile of items again.

The dogs are still barking.

Fine. I go let them outside, putting the labradoodle on a leash.

They bark more. *sigh*

I go outside to get the labradoodle, slipping on some shoes at a last-minute premonition. After unlocking her leash, I turn around... and remember that the door handle is broken on the outside. It's frozen, and after a few tries, I realize I'm not getting in that way. Good thing I'm wearing shoes. We run around to the front of the house through the snow, the labradoodle making several unsuccessful attempts to take me skijoring across the yard.

Only I locked the front door after the neighbor came, because nobody else was going to come in that way tonight. Heh. The neighbor walks by and I barely prevent the dog from pulling me down the steps after her, while I attempt to look like I'm not trying to break into my own house. Which I can't anyway.

So back around we go. Again, good thing I'm wearing shoes. Not that they're going to help if I don't get inside pretty soon...this is the kind of place where people die of hypothermia when they're stupid. Good thing the clip we had in the mailbox for the mail also works as an ice-pick, as I quickly discover, chipping away ice as my fingers numb. I really didn't have a reason to take it out of the mailbox when I was at the front door, but I did...and it appears to be working. Indeed, it gets the door open a minute later, and I glare at the dogs once we're inside, throwing more food in their bowl before going back upstairs.

At least they're quiet when they're eating. I sit down again.

And realize it's the last chance to enter Jenny and Abigail's giveaways, which I promptly do. By the time I finish, the dogs are barking again. Seriously, how can they not have sore throats already?

I turn on some music (mostly in another language, so the lyrics don't distract me) and start reading aloud so I can think over the dogs. I get about two pages done and then realize that my leg has fallen completely asleep and I've got pins and needles shooting up and down a numb leg. How does that work? It should be one or the other, not both.

Aaand everybody's home. The dogs freak out and then miraculously quiet down, apparently glad that there are more people around. (Or maybe they just dislike being locked in a house with someone who doesn't appreciate their greatness most of the time. At all. :P)

By the time I get back to my room, there is about an hour left before my script is due. At this point I give up on reading my chapters. I'm going to have to just go off my notes. I start arranging things for a scientific photo-shoot. (We don't have to actually make a video, but pictures will definitely help my script.)

As I expected, it's not too difficult to put together a two-minute presentation of Gene Expression Regulation. I'm pretty much done, with ten minutes in which to upload my photos. Only, once I'm ready to transfer the pictures, my camera and my computer begin a fight, one which soon turns into an all-out war.

A war which extends to our other computer as well, when I finally give up on my computer and race downstairs to try that computer. It teases me for a while, the photos I want appearing as a blip on the screen before the program disappears and I cannot find it for the life of me.

Everyone else (dogs included) are sleeping by now. I'm hurrying too much to even be jealous.

Back upstairs. I give up and restart my computer, praying as the clock ticks past the deadline. I can quote the teacher as saying she wouldn't count things late if they were just past the time, but that was a few months ago. She might have forgotten...but it's not like I can do anything different at this point. I add a few comments to my paper regarding my camera issues and wait impatiently for the picture program to actually start.

Which it finally does, the elusive photos there at last. I stick them in their places, tie up my conclusion, and upload my paper.

in case you're totally confused, this is a post I seem to have written last winter...I found it in my drafts, and figured I might as well post it, since it's there... XD Happily, I did get the extra credit for that project...and an A in the class. So it ends well. And you can guess how happy I am to *not* be living with those dogs this year... XD 

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Miss Melody Muffin said...

I should not have been laughing as hard as I did over this post. :D I'm glad it worked out and you scored well on the project!!!!!

Ugh, yeah, and I'd be so happy to not be living with those dogs. In addition to their barking habits, I'm not a dog person as a rule. There have only been two dogs in my life I have loved. I guess it just takes a certain kind of dog.

I do however, love cats.

How about you? Do you generally prefer dogs or cats? (Random question, I know.)

Katherine Sophia said...

haha, I'm glad you enjoyed it. XD
and lol, I'm a cat person all the way. XD (My family says I *am* a cat...) There are certain circumstances in which I can see myself loving a dog...fluff breeds that must live indoors and have irritating barks are just not them. XD I reallllly want a cat though...really cat that I've had since I was 5 died this year, and I miss him horribly.


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