Monday, September 16, 2013

Random Snippets...because I like them...

brooding moon god, via pinterest
fairly certain Tam called him that just
in the irritated hope of shocking
vicar's-daughter Jennie...

“The brooding moon god has taken you too beneath his spell?” That voice of disgruntled disgust could belong to none but Tam, and I whirled to face him, my vexation showing clearly, I am sure.
    ~Tam Lyn

Ja-Il, photo manip credit JG

The others were waiting for him, the red lights of the city beneath reflecting off their faces and illuminating the black sky behind them with a red glow.
Ja-Il came up the last step, giving a shake to his shoulders and sending his wings sweeping out. “He has sent one of the Beasts after them,” he said, and in the red glare he saw Petra’s eyes widen, and felt the wavering of Kang-Dae’s purpose.

He had clearance to open any door in Itai; never had he used that power to enter the rooms of the others uninvited. The door swung open without a sound, and Ja-Il stepped through.
Dante lay upon his bed in the lightless room, his eyes closed. The silence shivered between them, and then Dante’s lip curled.
“Ja-Il. Please invite yourself in.”   “He is dead,” Ja-Il said abruptly, and the air between them seemed to shatter into a million pieces.

“Echo Fire,” Ja-Il said, his voice softer than it had been before. “Will you speak? Or shall we break his other arm?”       ~CTTT

 “A storm is coming,” Petra said, and they all of them knew he did not mean the rain.

Jennie, via pinterest

     I threw my head back, recovering quite well on my own, and put my hands on my hips like the common servant I had been playing the week before. 
    [he] looked at me. “An entirely inauspicious beginning to our dance lesson,” he said. 
    “Dance lessons?” I demanded. “For what, pray tell, would I need dance lessons?”
    “Surely you did not think you would get by without dancing? The Prince’s birthday ball is in scarcely two weeks, and I will not have my false fiancĂ©e humiliating me on the dance floor before King and country. Well, my king will not be there. But the point stands. You must dance, therefore I must teach you. You are no longer the vicar’s daughter in a country village, you know.”
     I should have told him I danced and danced well then and there, instead of taking perverse pleasure in stepping on his feet.
     But after one particularly spectacular stumble that nearly sent him straight into the grate before the fire, he swung upright, glaring at me.
     “How in heaven’s name did you ever learn to handle a sword, Jennie Wilcox? Without killing the poor fool who took training you upon himself?”
     ~Tam Lyn

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Jessica Greyson said...

Oh...oh.....oh lovely snippets indeed. *LOVES TAM LYN DEARLY* OOOOOOOHHHHH SOOOOOO DEARLY!!!!!!! *squeak* and that last one of him and JENNIE!!!!!! *HAPPY DIES* So delightful. you do break my heart indeed. *cries* *loves Ja-Il*

<3 U

Katherine Sophia said...

*giggle* I was listening to classical music in the car one day and got a whole dance-lesson scene...but, not wanting to copy say, Jack and Ivyanna, I was wondering what was different about them, and then Jennie's like...I know how to dance, for one. I don't need a dance lesson...and I realized that of course Tam would assume (like I did) that she didn't know how...and by that point she would be so annoyed with him she would just go with it. XD It was quite fun to write.

Miss Melody Muffin said...

'Brooding moon god'- *dying with laughter* I love, love, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPERB!!!! (Especially knowing who the 'model' is. :D)

Whoa!!!!! One of the Beasts???? And why would that make the Angels/Chimeras react that way??????

WHAT?????????????? If the dead one is who I think it might be... NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! You are going to wrench my heart out!!!!!!

Aaahhhhhh!!!! Echo and Ja-Il!!!!

I like the phrasing of the storm snippet.

Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! Oh, Jennie is terrific!!!!!!!!

Katherine Sophia said...

heehee, that was way too much fun to write... XD I generally can't write that story...but when I can, it's practically writing itself. :)

My brother helped me come up with the was quite enjoyable. They are rather frightening. :)

I have no comment on who is dead...but regardless of who, if your heart isn't wrenched out I haven't done it right. :P It is definitely an important person in the story.

Yes...I should send you the song that pretty much defines them...

And yeah, between Jennie and Tam, you see why it writes itself. XD


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