Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My life in gifs.

me when I get called on in class: 

when my mom asked how my first test went:

the professors when people ask questions:
(actually they're usually super awesome about answering questions...though one professor really did answer a question with, "What kind of question is that? How am I supposed to know?" :) 
If I were the student that asked, and I got any of that professor's questions wrong on the test...the temptation to give that as feedback on the question would be nearly irresistible. (We get to leave a comment on each test question.) :) 

me the whole time I'm studying:

my face every time I start another test and see question 1:

me when people ask me what I do when not in lecture/studying:

when my brain is so full of new information I can no longer see straight and it's 3am...

me when I saw someone had nominated me to be the medical school's link to the college newspaper:

really, though...medical school can be summed up as follows:

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Miss Melody Muffin said...


Hahaha!!! I agree, I would SO answer back with that on that professor's test. Or, I'd have outright answered him back in class with, "You're the teacher. You're SUPPOSED to know!"

Congratulations on the nomination!!!

Jack said...

I wonder if this sums up the lives of all college students, because most of those are how I feel all the time, except the medical one, though I would be saying gross a lot.

Oh, you are currently into eating in your free time? I hear that is a college pastime that all the students love, that and sneaking in a couple minutes of sleep.

Tabitha E. said...

AH! I love this gif stories!!!!
Thank you!

Katherine Sophia said...

Right, Melody? seriously... XD And thanks! It was just kind of cool because I totally wasn't expecting it...I might actually run for it next year and do some campaigning...getting nominated was enough for this year. :)

Yes, sleeping is one of the other hobbies I'm trying to keep up through med school, Jack! :D And very true...I guess I'd say it is really a lot like undergrad, just more so in every way. :) What are you majoring in, anyway?

Glad you enjoyed it, Tabitha! XD Thanks for commenting! :)


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