Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Destiny, my love...and chicken...

I don't know if I've ever used my blog to rant about destiny...but it's one of those things I love and hate with something like passion. It can be used incredibly in stories, or drive me absolutely to distraction when used wrongly. Destiny, fate, blood (as in my-father-and-his-father-before-him-and-therefore-myself-as-well) often appears in my stories...there is nothing I love more than destiny rightly used.

Which may be why I Can't Avoid My Destiny struck a chord with me. Again Junsu's portrayal of a boy fighting this thing so much bigger than himself just caught my attention. Perhaps it was the visualization of someone fighting with their past, desperate to run from the future laid out for them since childhood...I don't know, but this song is another I wanted to share with you. I apologize for the English subtitles - they aren't the most accurate translation, but probably the best I can find. 

Just something about it...
How do you refuse yourself and become someone else?
How can you remove your shadow and find freedom?
How can you give up everything?
How can you betray your conscience and refuse yourself?

How to live?
No one is answering...
The shadow that follows me will someday kill me.

Shortly after discovering Mozart! I discovered the singer Park Eun Tae. Who I have mentioned before on this blog because he is awesome. His voice is away and above better than Junsu's (it just is. Do not argue with that statement.), and yet somehow I found myself appreciating Junsu's version of Mozart more. Perhaps because he is younger, perhaps because he portrays such a boyish intensity, with easily understandable pride and struggle to understand what exactly he is supposed to be doing with his life. I've listened to a few of the songs as sung by German singers, and I wanted to smack Mozart. Park Euntae is not that irritating, but he plays it...differently. As you can see. :)

  I mean COME ON. Listen to him sing. His voice is insane. Also, his interactions with the other cast members are just completely fun. From what I've seen, the boy he plays Mozart with was crazy about him, and some of the curtain calls were just absolutely adorable. XD

And yet I still prefer Junsu as Mozart. Which do you like better? Why? Have you ever liked an inferior singer for a certain role?

*note: yes, the chicken part of this blog post comes from Merlin, which I do not watch, but have seen clips of. :) It is apparently rather quotable.   

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Miss Melody Muffin said...

*nods* I'm with you on the whole destiny thing- I love it and hate it. I agree, it can be used well, and sometimes used VERY badly.

ANOTHER ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS FROM MOZART!!!!!! Which is again, thanks to you sending it to me. :D Junsu is SOOOOO good in this part!!!

Believe me, you won't get any argument from me about Park Eun Tae!!!! The man is just pure genius. His expressions, his body language, his voice, his eyes.... :D :D

Well, for me, Junsu brings the perfect blend of pain, passion, and fire to the song. Whereas, Eun Tae seems to bring something otherworldly to the role. Look at his eyes- they have a strange light in them. (Which I kinda like.) Eun Tae seems to bring more anger to the role, where Junsu brings more despair. And, I think Eun Tae's chemistry with Little Mozart is better.

As for which one I like better... I really can't say. I have to see these more times and compare them over and over before I can decide that. :) (Which means you will probably be hearing more about it later sometime. :D)

*wants to go watch some of those curtain calls over and over again* I absolutely LOVE the moment when he sweeps Little Mozart up onto his shoulders... *sighs and melts* :)

Well, I really like a youth performer in the role of Rhadames in Aida, even though he is below-Broadway caliber. (I'll have to send you the videos.) He just... I don't know, I just really like his version.

Haha, yes Merlin is extremely quotable.

Totally loving your posts, Kate!!

Miss Melody Muffin said...

And completely random, I know, but don't you just LOVE that red coat. SUPERB!!!!!

Katherine Sophia said...

LOL I almost said something about that coat when I was typing this particular post up, so your comment made me's just such an awesome coat...I want it.
*loves everything you said*
*can't find anything more to add* You do say things so well, Melody...XD

I loved all your posts too...they were so fun!! And that Rhadames was my favorite also...there was just something about his version that was really perfect. :)


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