Saturday, September 14, 2013

A day in the life of a medical student. Also randomness.

It feels like 4 days have gone by, not 4 weeks...but just for fun I thought I'd put down the "routine" I seem to have fallen into. So you see what I do when I'm not blogging...which is most of the time... 

5am - alarm clock rings...if it's Monday, I usually get up, read my Bible, and get everything organized for the Wednesday I usually turn it off and wait for the 6:45 alarm.

she's missing my 3-inch
platform shoes, but
6:45am - up for real this time, and out the door by about 7:15 (when I ride my bike.) 

7:40am - at school, getting my powerpoint slides organized for class if I haven't already, saying hi to people...

8am - noon - lecture.

noon - 1pm - lunch...visiting...running errands...catching up on emails...calling my family. 

hee. Medical school doesn't look like this anymore...
1 - 3pm - lecture. We sit in the room for 6 hours as professors rotate through. Biochem, molecular bio, cell bio, genetics, bacteria, viruses, and antibiotics have been covered so far. (Material-wise, it's been about half a semester, not 4 days. :) 

3pm on... Here is where it gets variable. Last week I went to the library every afternoon and got a study room (white boards, markers, and somewhere between 100-300 powerpoint slides to memorize). I took the bus home between 7-9 every night...which wasn't the most fun, but I needed to use the white board and I didn't want to bike home in the dark. :P This week I have my own white board and a car, so life should definitely be easier. :) 

9 - 11pm - more studying...If I get through everything before midnight, yay...if I start getting behind...I usually just go to bed by 1am anyway, but then I'm even more behind the next day. :P 

One night this week it was super late, and I called my mom while waiting for bus to come...she was worried about me being out so late, and we talked the whole bus ride (and I was talking to her and trying to see where I was going in the dark...ended up I got off the bus a block early and turned around and had that moment of I have no idea where I am. It's dark out.) But I walked the rest of the way still talking to my mom - and then someone texted me and somehow she got cut off. Walking home in the dark 3 hours away and suddenly dropping a call is a good way to freak your mother out...

Thursdays we get the afternoon off to study even more...Friday morning at 8am we have a test. Speaking of, I should really learn to do math. Convincing myself that I failed tests I passed is not fun. Failing tests I have failed is bad enough, without failing the tests I passed, too. 

But now that I have my own whiteboard and am finally caught up...I might be able to start this week ahead. Which will change the course of history... XD life is somewhat of a blur. :) I hope you all are having a lovely weekend...I have things to pre-read for next week... :) 

4 thoughts shared:

Miss Melody Muffin said...

Awwwww, you are so busy!!!! But kudos to you for handling it all so well!!!!!! You'll make it through!!!


Katherine Sophia said...

Thank you! :) *hugs back* I hope this week is going well for you!!!

Jessica Greyson said...

Oh, wow... I could never survive school. You are amazing. *admires your bike riding skills* I would die.
*loves you gifs* You are incredible and YAY FOR A CAR!!!!!!

*hugs you* Keep going you amazing Girl of Destiny!!!!!

Katherine Sophia said...

haha, you would be surprised what is survivable, Jessica... ;D I continue to be, myself. LOL But yes, I'm happy about the car. XD and more hugs are always nice. XD *hugs back*


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