Friday, August 30, 2013

Reflections on Weeks One - Two

~ One of my professors sounds just like Jimmy Stewart. If I close my eyes, I think this is a movie. also known student shock - am I actually here? Jimmy Stewart as my professor isn't helping the feel of realism though. 

~ The cyber police are here to talk to the med students. I am so not getting a facebook account now...and wow, I had no idea the US accounted for only 13% of the internet usage in the world. 

~ I took my first quiz - with a score of 4/17. I have a feeling I won't be writing any stories during lecture this year...good thing that was a practice quiz. :) 

~ The foundation of medical ethics: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Of course. 

~ School is 5 songs away from my house. Somehow my house is 8 songs away from school. 90 degree weather and a black shirt was not a wise choice. Also, it's embarrassing to have elderly gentlemen flying by me on their bikes while I'm walking my bike up the hill. 

~ It's even more embarrassing to be biking home for a week...and to have a different older gentleman fly by you on that same hill (while I'm on my bike, this time - I am improving) and then meet you again coming back from where you're headed, having already been there and back before you. Having them compliment you on making it up the hill just icing on the cake of being woefully out of shape. LOL

~ On a happier note, 2nd year med students are fun. And falling to one's knees and belting out I Dreamed a Dream with the lyrics perfectly changed to match failing a test is certainly one way to give a good picture of life in med school to us poor first years. XD (It was hee-larious. And he was a pretty good singer. XD)

~ Also...having a mother email me on the first day of school and tell me how much she enjoyed Ransomed and how much her daughter was going to like it and asking if I had any other books was really awesome.

~ And my friends are lovely. I think I will keep them forever. One particularly awesome girl sent me this and seriously made my week gorgeous:

another marvelous one gave me a chocolate cupcake and hugs - with much words of encouragement, which all together is pretty much the way to make me love you. XD

~ awesome. I just scribbled down in my scribbles of notes (which also contained a few snippets of my time travel story...oh, dear, it might be harder to break the writing habit than I thought... :P) something that I had forgotten: I once thought it would be perfectly amazing to be a bush-pilot-doctor in Alaska. I don't even know how it all fit together, but after everything this first week, I was thinking again how very much I would love that..and then I read my academic advisor's comments on a professionalism essay I wrote. (Which, by the way, had nothing to do with Alaska or where I wanted to spend my life, just...professionalism.) And he said: Just from your first paragraph, I think you would make a great Alaska frontier doc. And I went O.o

~ Wow. First day of serious school is serious. This is a lot of information.

~ A lot a lot. My classmates are fun, though. The skit one group put on for our giant presentation was hilarious. Too bad I don't study well in groups...these people would be fun to study with. XD

~ 300 more slides's fascinating information - I wish I had time to slow down and really enjoy learning it! 

~ Shock of my life. One of my professors (who also happens to be one of the men who interviewed me) just walked by me in the hallway and stopped dead in his tracks. "I was going to come find you," he said. I'm like.....? eep. And then he says
"I read your book." 
And I just about had a heart attack right there. Seriously.
And then he told me that his wife read it also, and he loved it. And he told me I was talented and I would help more people with my faith than in the field of medicine, since medicine is only in the here and now. And I should not let medical school change who I am. And he thanked me for writing Ransomed. 
And I sat there in disbelief and almost cried. 

~ And God was so incredible to give me that, because Thursday is not fun. The Friday test is freaking me out and there is so much material to understand and know. O.o 

~ *cough* And I gave up and rode the bus back home because I wanted more study time...the bus driver's comment? "You know, real bikers ride their bikes up this hill..."

~ Aaaaaand...Friday...well, if I could sing, I would be singing I Dreamed a Dream.  :P So I guess I'll be studying tomorrow and all Labor Day...bummer. But eh, I knew this poster would come in handy...

~ So see you next week, unless I get an opportunity on Sunday to stop by your blogs or do some snippets posts etc.! :) I hope you're having a lovely end of summer!

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Vicki said...

Look at you, girl, already through your first 2 weeks!! I'm so proud of you! You're already doing great and you're going to keep on doing great!

That story about your professor reading your book is INCREDIBLE. Really incredible. It's so amazing how God can do things through us that we would never ever imagine! Such a fabulous story!

I've got your name on a virtual sticky note on my desktop and I pray for you every time I see it! Keep up the good work and let me know if there's ever anything specific I can pray for you!


P.S. I certainly don't expect you to post very often while you're in school, but I want you to know that the little bits you have posted are really helpful for me ... I've been thinking again about med school myself, and trying to overcome my fears and doubts. Your chipper attitude despite the deluge of information and studying is really encouraging!! Love you friend! ~ Vicki

Jack said...

I have a feeling that hill will be one of your bans of existence while you are there. I am sure you will conquer it in no time, but hills....and bikes 8-P I do as you do very often and walk mine up hills, and it is surprising how many older gentlemen just fly up them.

A bush pilot in Alaska, I think that would be amazing. (Though, anything with pilots I like...)

I am trying to tell myself the first week of school is the hardest, so I shall pass that hope off to you. (Though, this might not be your first week. I don't know how it works were you are at. I know schools start differently in different states.) Keep at it! I feel you pain though, I think there needs to be more of a heads up on just how hard school is. (College school I mean.)

Katherine Sophia said...

:D Thank you, Vicki! XD And isn't God just amazing... :D
I appreciate your prayers very much...and I'm glad you enjoy these posts - whenever you have questions, let me know! :D Though lol, stuff changes quickly...just looking at this post, I realized I'm reversing my position on facebook never know what my view on med school will be on any particular day. XD

Haha, Jack, yeah...hills and bikes... :P XD Winter might come before I'm in shape, and then it's all over. XD But I'll keep trying...I hope... ;) Ha, yes, this is first semester of college was definitely the worst...I keep hearing horror stories about year 3 in med school, but my school might do things differently - in which case it will be all easier from here until residency. XD I hope your school is easing up a bit, too! :)


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