Monday, August 19, 2013

Life and Thoughts of a Med Student: Day One (yay for gifs)

If you're reading this today, I'm in school. 

As I write this (obviously not while I'm in school :), I'm slightly bemused. 

Because the past two weeks have been lovely weeks, full of visiting and traveling and hours of driving (yay my new Korean CD!) and seeing all the awesome people I'm related to and some awesome people I'm not related to...but they've been strange as well.

what it felt like everyone was telling me...

See you in a couple years when you come up for air...if I'm not dead by then...

Well, enjoy such-and-such - it's probably the last chance you'll get to do it... 

Have a good life!

the face I made in response

Everything I've done has been tinged with a sense of impending doom, as if my life is about to irreversibly change, and I'm afraid I have not thanked the people who pushed that mindset at me. 
Because I don't want it all to change. I like my life.

And yet I've been told medical school is like drinking out of a fire hose, it's like falling in love, it's like...nothing else in the world. (Which makes slightly more sense than the other two, because I can't see how falling in love is like drinking out of a fire hose. I really kinda hope it's not...) Meanwhile I'm going it's just school! How can it possibly be any of these things??? But I've talked to enough people to get the idea that it's a bit different from any school I've ever done.

Which...somehow at the same time...I'm also pretty excited for. I'm ready for something new, I'm ready to learn all the things that have interested me for ages, I think I'm even ready to start studying again. ;) 

I'm not quite ready for this. Good thing it's entirely advised
against by med schools. XD

But I refuse to believe I cannot do everything I love, and I'm terrible at making choices. Still, horseback riding and flying both took a back seat during college. Even more things I love will have to take a back seat during med much I don't know. 

But all this to say I honestly have no idea of how med school will affect my blogging. Some of you have been following this blog for years, and I've changed quite a lot since 2008! But perhaps not so much as I will change in the next few years, living away from home for the first time and doing this strange thing called medical school...It's going to be fun though, and I'm quite looking forward to it. :) 

just managing to keep the shades of panic away... ;)
no, really, it's all good. XD

on a side note...I think I want to start using twitter more.

Yes, I do. 
It's short, it's easy to use, and seems to fit the amount of time I will have as a med student. (Not that I don't have much already bouncing through my head in the way of future blog posts. XD)

So anyway...on twitter I'm still Katherine Sophia...(or Giiwanaadizi - it means she is crazy in Ojibwe, and I thought it fitting. XD) So just in case it does get crazy, and if you begin to wonder if I'm still alive...check on my sidebar and see if I'm tweeting happily away. (If I'm not...well, think of those little birds miners used to take into mines with them. What did it mean when they stopped tweeting? *cough* okay, just kidding. I really don't plan on dying any time soon. :) 
But, really...I hope to be around here fairly often. :D Maybe only because I've got some scheduled posts, but... ;) 

see you around! :)

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Vicki said...

Girl, I'll be praying for you, and I'll definitely keep an eye on your Twitter feed! If that bird stops tweeting down in that mine, I'll send some emergency prayer down after you ...

Can't wait to hear from you (next week/next summer/next year) and hear how you like it so far!!!


Katherine Sophia said...

XD Thank you so much for your prayers, Vicki! It's always such an encouragement to know I have people praying for me...I think of you often when I'm on my way to school and pray for you, too - let me know whenever you have a specific prayer request! :D


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