Friday, July 12, 2013

The Shattering of the Rose, Part V

and the shattering continues...

once again, it is thanks to Jessica that Tam has the brown eyes he must have XD
“Mother! What in heaven’s name are you thinking? She’s a scheming witch, and this is utterly beneath you.”
“To serve my country’s queen? To befriend a woman who has so recently lost her husband and who finds herself alone with two young sons to guide and a country to care for? This is beneath me?” His mother looked at him a long moment, her grey eyes coldly stern. “And beyond insulting your mother, you have just called your queen what could lose you your tongue, were any other to hear it. Watch your words, Brayden Roxbury. I will not tolerate your impudence.”
His impudence? The queen was setting in motion plans that would utterly overturn their country, and his mother was chastising him for disrespect. If Edward was not crowned king soon…he did not want to think of what could happen.
“Mother…” Why could he not reach her? Why was she refusing to listen to a word he said?
“Mother,” he repeated, then took a deep breath. “She does not care about this country, I know she does not. To offer comfort to a widow—of course I would have no objections to that. But she is no grieving widow. I know she has been scheming for years, and now…I am afraid for our country, Mother, I am.”
There was no change upon her face and he stepped closer to her, everything in him begging simply for her to listen. “Father died for this country. He gave his life to preserve it. With his memory in your heart, how can you so callously step forward to  assist that woman in destroying it?”
His mother’s hand flashed out, and the next moment he was raising his head in utter disbelief, his own fingers brushing his stinging face. She had never raised a hand to him before, and he could not entirely make himself understand what had just occurred.
“Listen to me, Brayden.” His mother’s voice was like ice, and he stared at her, slowly dropping his hand back down to his side. He scarcely recognized the woman before him.
“Your father died for the king, and so for the stability of the country, I grant you. But if you think inciting rebellion in the palace would do anything for our country…then I pity myself for having raised a fool. If I can serve our queen, I will do so to the best of my ability. Whether she wishes to make herself queen regent instead of queen mother or whatever it is you are thinking, I cannot imagine, but I am sure it too will be for the stability of our country. Do not speak to me again on this matter.”
She turned away from him without another word and swept from the room, silken skirts sweeping the floor. Brayden took one step after her, then pulled himself up short, swallowing hard.

So that was that. What else was there to speak about, at all?

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