Monday, July 8, 2013

The Shattering of the Rose, Part III

And that helped me understand perhaps more than any of the others how Tam came to be.

the future brotherhood that will be...and thank you, Jessica, for
welcoming my new character into the story in such a fashion! XD

He hated the color black. With a passion.
Again Brayden was standing on the steps, but this time it was the steps of the church, and they were but waiting for the final processional. Black was everywhere.

Lady Rowena was there, for the first time in Brayden’s memory wearing something other than black. It was a slate grey, and still acceptable as mourning clothes—oh, the things he had learned about acceptable mourning during the past week—but it was not black. He wished he had not noticed.
 It was the horror of the moment, but he could remember every detail of the king’s return, and part of that memory was when the king had turned away from his mother, his voice still heavy.
“Lady Rowena,” he had said, and even in the shock of the moment, Brayden had realized that Park was still standing there, alone, fists tightly clenched at his side. It could not have happened to them both, not the same day…but it had.
Park’s father was not coming home either, and Brayden thought he would never forget the breath the Lady Rowena had taken, as if in relief at the news, nor the way she had turned away, departing the scene of glad reunions without a backward glance, not even for her son, standing frozen on the steps behind her.
Brayden swallowed hard, attempting to banish the memory from his mind. His mother’s hand, clasped tightly in his own, squeezed his fingers suddenly, and he glanced up at her. But her eyes were closed, her other hand clutching the necklace at her throat.
She stayed so only a moment, though, before opening her eyes. She pulled her hand away from him and then drew him close to her, pressing trembling lips against his hair.
“I’m so sorry, Brayden,” she whispered, and kissed him again.
He took a shaky breath, refusing to cry, not here. But then he saw Park coming slowly up the steps, a few steps behind his mother, and yet so completely alone…
“Park!” he said, before he thought, and felt his mother’s arm tighten about his shoulders. But perhaps she too saw it, for when the boy looked up, it was she that motioned him over.
He came hesitantly, and Brayden could feel the same hesitation in his mother. It lasted only a moment, though, and the next instant Park too had a mother’s arm about his shoulders.
His mother sank down between them, holding them both tightly. “We will get through this,” she whispered, “We will.”
But all Brayden could hear were the tears in her voice.
Then the king was there again, saying something about taking responsibility…about them staying in the palace…about himself standing in place of the fathers whose lives had saved his…about the two boys being raised with the prince…
“I only hope that someday you will serve me as faithfully as your fathers did.” The king’s voice betrayed his benevolent smile as he finished speaking at last.
His mother could not speak at the moment, and there was a brittleness to Park’s silence that Brayden did not trust, were it broken. So it was he who answered, with a simple, “Yes, your Majesty. Thank you,” while dully staring at the embroidered pattern of the king’s shoes, and the wretched black beads scattered through the design.

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Vicki said...


That's really good.

Is Tam Lyn the book that's being published? Because I'd reeeeeally like to read the rest of it!!!

Katherine Sophia said...

Aw, thank you!!! :) I am so glad you liked it! Ack, and I wish this one was anywhere near being published... *sigh* I have...the first two chapters done, I think. :P And I kind of got stuck, which is why I ended up going back to write some backstory, which turned into these. I did end up with a new character (Park), who I hope will help out, though right now he seems more intent on messing with the storyline I DID have...but I'm hoping it works out, 'cause I think it could be a really fun story if it comes together. :D

Jessica Greyson said...

*BAWLS* I love these stories.... *loves Tam and Park* *begs for story*

Katherine Sophia said...

XD Park might be the thing needed...or he might be the thing that destroys it all completely... :P I think I need my Pimatgol CD, though...And I need to finish CTTT before I go crazy. :P But it does help to have people asking for this one. XD


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