Sunday, June 2, 2013

Snippets of Spring...

so recently I've been writing pretty much only one story - guess which one? :) Here are a few more after yesterday's, and Thank you, Katie, for doing the link-up! :D 

photo manip done by the unbelievably talented Jessica :)
“He’s dying, Ellian…Ellian, do something!”

But at last he stilled, seemingly having beaten himself into utter exhaustion. Echo looked at him sideways. His chest was heaving, his wings lying useless, broken feathers twisted and torn across them. Slowly he turned his head, until his tormented brown eyes met hers. She tried to look away, but could not force herself to, and for a long moment they stayed so, motionless.
“What,” he asked, his breath catching on the words, “do you want of me?”

“What do you know of it? The chó̱ros?” she asked, and he looked up at her a moment, silent, before suddenly he smiled, and she felt the pain of that smile slash straight through her heart.

“Will you let me go?” he asked again, but this time he was asking her.
“We can’t,” she heard herself saying. “You would kill us, wouldn’t you?”
“Yes,” he answered, not breaking her gaze. “Will you kill me then?” he asked, and something in her shuddered at the very thought.

“He’s basically an animal! He almost killed Ty! He choked you! He is a monster, Echo. No matter what new thing he learns, what truth you think he sees, it’s not going to make any difference! It’s in his blood—killing is what he does. Things like that can’t change!”
And then a movement in the corner caught his eye and Ellian looked to see Fae crouched there, her baby arms wrapped around herself, violet-blue eyes almost black with heartbreak. 

If, on purpose or accidently, he had been sent to the wrong place…he was very possibly quite dead. He took a deep breath, then reached for the handle. 
What’ll it be, the lady or the tiger? 
There wasn’t exactly anything he do about it now. He grinned and opened the door.

“Perhaps it were better that the hand of the Five deal with one of their own. Ja-Il…”
Ja-Il’s head came up in answer to his name, and into the shadows of the angel’s black eyes Hae-Jin saw a defiant no come tumbling.

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