Friday, June 14, 2013

short reminder:

via Mirriam's pinterest

Tomorrow is the Amazon Blitz for Mirriam Neal's incredible book Monster! And she's having a giveaway on her blog - go enter it and check out some of the other interviews listed there! :D 

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Joy said...

Hi Kathrine!

I don't know if you read my last blog update, but it my blog, Fullness of Joy's 2nd Blog birthday this week, and in celebrating I am hosting a blog party to thank all my readers, celebrate those two years, have fun together with tags and also challenge each other to be more committed in challenging and uplifting one another as sisters in Christ and writers too through what we write and comment on in our blogs :D. I hope you can join; I'd so love it if you can join in the tags:

God bless!

Katherine Sophia said...

Thanks for letting me know, Joy! My blog reading has been terribly sporadic lately; I might have missed it. And also thanks for extending it! So fun! :D


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