Sunday, February 10, 2013

In honor of Valentine's...

Jessica is having a Valentine Contest! 

Go over to view the hilarious, sweet, and lovely examples she has posted... and make your own by midnight tonight, if you are so inspired! XD The rules are that they be book and period drama inspired Valentine cards or quotes...

and I went with period drama inspired Valentine card. XD

from The Princess' Man...which, for the uninitiated, is a 'Josean-era Romeo and Juliet' - what more perfect for
Valentine's Day? (even though I have only seen part of it...this is what I got from it so far. XD)

 And then just because...though it's not a period drama...(and so doesn't count as an entry)
from City Hunter...*cries*

And...okay...this isn't technically a period drama either... *cough* More of a time-travel story...
from Faith, also known as The Great Doctor - I've only seen a bit of this, too, was too perfect not to make one for. XD (A doctor is kidnapped back in history to take care of a wounded queen...if that makes it make any more sense. :)

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Vicki said...

Aw, Katherine, thank you so much for being the first to comment on my decision to try for med school! It was so encouraging to find your comment so soon after I'd posted - yes, I'll definitely take referrals of your patients, and I'd LOVE to go on a mission trip together! Wouldn't we have fun!! :-D

I know I'll have oodles of questions, so I'll make sure and send you the ones that I don't want to ask my advisor (like, do emergency rooms smell bad on the inside? for example)! :-D

Thank you so much for being so sweet and encouraging!! I'm so blessed to have you as my friend!

Lots of love,

P.S. I love your last tag - I loved the "You psycho!!" part! :-D

Katherine Sophia said...

XD I am excited for you! :D

LOL and I will be glad to answer them any time I can! (And hmm...not that I've noticed...I suppose it might depend on the particular hospital...but, for comparison, I've never liked the smell of nursing homes, and the ER didn't bother me at all. XD)

*hugs* You're always such an encouragement to me - I'm glad for a chance to be the same to you! :)

heehee, and yeah... That one was fun. XD

Jessica Greyson said...

Totally love these to pieces! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ENTERING!!!!


Katherine Sophia said...

XD it was a brilliant idea. Thank you for hosting it! :)

Miss Melody Muffin said...

Ok, proof of how my viewpoint has changed since I started watching KDrama... I remember seeing this post when you posted it. These pictures, while I thought them cool, didn't mean anything to me at the time. Now, I read the post and was like, "Oh, oh, oh!!!!!! CITY HUNTER!! FAITH!!! LEE MIN HO!!" *giggle*

They are all very cute!!

Katherine Sophia said...

*giggle* oh, yes, everything changes... XD Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed these! XD


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