Friday, January 4, 2013

Today was awesome. :)

Like... all 12 days of Christmas crammed into 1 awesome. :D


12 hours in the ER

11 nurses nursing*

10 rooms always full*

9 diseases studied*

8 useful internet sites*

7 pages of notes*

6 minutes eating lunch*`

5 story ideas^*

4 books to study

3 patients questioned***

2 busy doctors*****

1 wide-eyed pre-med student**

*these numbers weren't exactly counted, just estimates ;)

*` and I was reading one of the diagnostic books while eating, so that one's really a guess :D Hehe, and I did wonder at myself, since I don't think I ever imagined I'd be the girl perched in the middle of an ER, reading from a 4-in-thick book about Crohn's Disease and diverticulosis while shoving a sandwich in my mouth and loving every minute of it...

^* Just wait until I get some January Snippets on this blog... XD

***By me. As a student. You have no idea how smashingly brilliant it felt to walk into a room, introduce myself, and start taking patient history. It. was. incredible. 

***** The one I shadowed was amazing. A.mazing.

** That would be me. I think my eyes hurt now. Like when you've been smiling all day long? Only it's my eyes. Or maybe that's what happens when you get up before 5am for the first time since break... ;)

4 thoughts shared:

Vicki said...

You go girl!! I still struggle with studying digestion-related stuff while eating ... but I'm getting better! I'm proud of you and your medical studies - you're so inspiring! :-D


Jessica Greyson said...

You are soooo soooo amazing! You are going to be an awesome doctor someday!!!! I just look at you and go WOW!!!!!!! I'd be DEAD before even half of that was done...but you!!! INCREDIBLE!!!!! GO GIRL OF DESTINY!!!!!!



Nina Hansen said...

I just realized you are heading into a healthcare field too! that is awesome. :) *heads off to read blog posts backwards*

Katherine Sophia said...

Haha, Vicki, well, there were no pictures in the book. :) That might have been a problem...But I was finding it fascinating because there was a patient in the next room whose history I had just gone over and it was like a puzzle, putting all the pieces together to see what she had. :D Aw, your encouragement always helps me! :)

lol,'s weird how the stuff I was sure would bother me so far hasn't been too hard to get used to. I'm hoping that will continue, because there are some things (cadavers...erm...) that I'm not exactly looking forward to. :P But I will try not to email you freaking out then... XD <3 u!

Once we get to the end of our training, Nina, maybe we can set up a private clinic together! :D I'm getting a bit ahead of myself (Ha! maybe more than a bit XD) but I am thinking of everyone I want to work with already. XD I shadowed at a private Christian clinic quite a few hours last year, and setting up my own would be amazing. :D


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