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Character Tag... Post 1

from Miss Melody Muffin! Thank you, Melody - I am finally getting to this one! :) I did start it a while ago, but then bogged down on the last character... tsk, tsk, I know...

1. State the rules!  :)
2. Post four posts about your sixteen favorite fictional characters, including four good and four bad each from novels you have read and stories you have written/are writing.
3. Tag three new people when you have finished!

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Four Favorite Good Characters from Novels I Have Read

NOT my four favorite - that's impossible. But the first 4 I think of that I love. :)

1) Mir. 
Monster, Mirriam Neil

Going with a character from the last book I read (or reread... or am rereading at the moment...) 
I adored him. His story taught me sooo much, and will definitely find a special place on my bookshelf. Despite all that happened to him, all the horrible things that he went through, he truly did still have a soul, and it was beautiful.  

the closest we've got to Grace... :)
2) Grace. 
Sufficient Grace, Jessica Greyson

And another character who changed my life... probably the 1st to do so in such a major way. 
I had never before understood a character so well, and reading Sufficient Grace was unbelievable - like reading a story where I was suddenly transported to the late 1800's. It went immediately on my list of favorite books, a pre-order copy is already on my bookshelf, and it is a story I would love more every time I re-read it, if that wasn't nearly impossible - I loved it way too much the first time. :)

3) Annabeth. 
Annabeth's War, Jessica Greyson

Okay, I hate to go with two books by the same author... but Annabeth is one of my all-time favorite heroines. She is, if it is possible to condense her into one word, simply awesome. I cannot separate the two words in my mind; Annabeth and Awesome are forever intertwined. If Grace's personality and character is who I am, Annabeth's personality and character is what I've always admired and wanted to have. This is even a book that I read, re-read, and immediately began reading aloud to my younger siblings. :) It is also a book that you should go buy right now - just click the title above. XD And don't forget to watch the author's blog for news of coming giveaways... 

4) Mary Wallace. 
Baby Island, Carol Ryrie Brink

LOL And yes, I am going with this story from my childhood. I don't know if I liked Mary or Jean better... but I read this book before, after, and I think during the time when I was loving the book Scottish Chiefs (and therefore William Wallace and Robert the Bruce) the most. These girls were pretty much living my dream - 'cause I loved babies just as much as they did, and their story seriously sounded like heaven. XD

And Four Favorite Bad Characters from Books I Have Read XD

okay... that's hard. This is why it took me so long... ;)

1) Eliot 
Annabeth's War, Jessica Greyson  *headdesk* Forgive me, but the book DID just come out. XD

This one surprised me. I HATED him with a passion the first time I read the book. Maybe even more so than the main bad guy. But at the same time, he's a fascinating character, and one I would not mind learning more about. How did he become who he is... and does he change in the future... :)

2) The Queen of Attolia 
The Queen's Thief Series, Megan Whalen Turner

Okay, this is a series I adore, with some caveats, mostly caveat lector. :P But Attolia's ruthlessness has definitely found its way into at least one of my own characters... bringing along with it some sympathy for who my character becomes. Attolia is definitely not a good character (in the beginning), and I found it fascinating where the story took her. Here's hoping I will do half so well with any of my stories...   

3) Rupert of Hentzau
The Prisoner of Zenda, Anthony Hope

Okay, so he's one of those dreadful bad characters that is simply likable. How he fits into my Beautiful Sin post, I'm not quite sure - I haven't read the book in ages - but I do remember liking him quite a whole lot. :) He was just so... charming... in his badness... 
Not that one wasn't pleased that he was finally defeated, of course... I was just glad he went out the window in the end. XD

4) James Moriarty
Sherlock Holmes books, Arthur Conan Doyle
Now this is NOT a villain I liked. (Finally, right?! :P) I do find him fascinating, however, simply because it is the idea of him, more than the character himself, who has continued on in the 110 years since his first appearance in literature. He's barely in the SH series, and yet he lives on, being continually remade in each new adaptation, always changing, always new. Always intriguing.

Simon Newcomb, suspected to be
Doyle's inspiration for Moriarty...

And part II of this tag is coming tomorrow! :D 

2 thoughts shared:

Miss Melody Muffin said...

HOW UNDER THE BLUE SKIES ABOVE DID I NOT SEE THIS POST???????? I remember tagging you, but I do not remember reading this post....

MIR!!!!! He is an AMAZING character!!!!!!!!! I am very excited Mirriam is publishing Monster in a couple weeks!!

I've just started Sufficient Grace and I'm loving it. It hooked me from the first chapter.

I think you already know how much I enjoyed Annabeth's War. (My mom and one of my sisters even read it and they both liked it.)

I've never heard of Baby Island. I read Caddie Woodlawn and Magical Melons, but none of Brink's other books. I'll have to look for this one.

Eliot- he made me very curious about his history, too!

I keep hearing about The Queen's Thief series and I'm growing VERY curious about it! Another one to put on the 'look up' list.

RUPERT OF HENTZAU!!!!! He is brilliant!! I agree, very charming. :) I haven't read Rupert of Hentzau yet, but I LOVE Prisoner of Zenda!!!!!!!

Ah, yes, Moriarty. Probably the most infamous arch-nemesis in literature.I sometimes forget how little he actually appears in the books, because he looms so much larger than life, and always seems to be inextricably linked with Holmes. Like you can't have Holmes without Moriarty.

LOVE your answers!!!

Katherine Sophia said...


Oh, yes, I'm thrillled about Monster right now. XD

Yayyy!!! And I am looking forward to SG being published sooooooo much also...I'm glad you're liking it!! XD

Awesome! (*facepalm* seriously, that is pretty much always the first thought in my head when Annabeth is mentioned. I don't purposefully do it. :P) But I'm glad they liked it too! :D

Baby Island is kind of adorable. :)

Oh, yes, the Queen's Thief series is brilliant. The MC is pretty much totally the opposite of the type of heroes I normally like...but MWT is an incredible story teller. :D

I don't remember liking the sequel quite as much...but I did really like the Prisoner of Zenda. :) Did you watch the movie?

Thank you for tagging me! :D


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