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Snippets of Octoberness...

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“Perhaps it is here for the moment… but it must leave immediately. The gods themselves have forsaken this dark place.”
Again came that smile, one that drove the chill from my spine. 
“The gods may have forsaken it, but Iesus Christos has sworn to be always with me – and where He is, all hope cannot be gone. He is a light in all dark places, and He does not forsake those who seek Him.”
~Hope Sprang Up

Will turned his head to miss a random punch, reaching up with his other hand to box the ear of the boy holding down his arm. 
“I’m left-handed, dim-wit,” he grinned, then involuntarily gasped for breath as someone slammed into his stomach, almost knocking the wind from him. They were all closing in now, and he jerked his arm free, only to have someone step on his fingers. It happened to be someone wearing boots, and he ground his teeth against the pain. 
“Still wearing that stupid cap, I see,” someone else laughed, and snatched it off, slapping it into his face over and over. Will squinted his eyes against the blows, opening his mouth and catching the edge in his teeth. With a quick jerk of his head, he yanked it from the boy’s grasp and spit it out, then lunged upward. The top of his head caught the boy full in the face, and the boy jerked backwards with a yell of anger, blood flowing suddenly from his nose.
Will was on his back, wrestling away the two who were on top of him, when the girl walked by them in the next aisle, her tears quite gone. She caught his eye, looking down her nose at him. 
“I certainly don’t need orphans fighting my battles.”
~Will Arrington (I know, I know... Will fighting, again... )


Will cocked his head to one side. "I guess you could say that. Right now at least, I'm Mountain Ridge's best excuse for a pastor, so I'm working on it." 
He grinned infectiously.
~Some Trust in Chariots

“Jaime’s gone.”
The words hung there, in the air between them, and for an instant it seemed to Tristan that if he did not take them in they would not be true.
~Sons of Bretton Meyrick

He couldn’t find his way out of a one-room cabin if the lights were out, Caleb thought rebelliously. 
~Some Trust in Chariots

“Then I won’t go either! You can’t stay here by yourself!” He raised his voice, and she brought her finger to her lips.
“Will! You have to go! You know what will happen if you don’t.”
He wanted to cry, and the wanting of it made him angry. “But you need me to help you!”
Suddenly she was severe. “Shure, an’ you’ll be a lot of help to me dead! Now go like Sam said and get on that train.” She got up from the table, moving towards the door.
He reached out, catching her arm. “Wait.” She stopped, and his hand slid down to tighten about hers. “I’ll go then, but I’ll come back for you, Le-le. An’ when I do, I’ll marry you, and make you a princess.”
She smiled slightly, tilting her head as she looked down at him. “Faith, but you sound like you’re six again.”
He nodded. “You said you’d wait for me then.”
At that she smiled fully. “If that’s all you’re waiting for… an’ you come back, I’ll be here, Will.”
~Will Arrington 
(also ever the flirt... if marriage proposals can be called flirting... :P)

"Aha!" Velásquez struck the table with the flat of his hand and Josie sat up sharply.
            Jim merely raised his eyes to the man's face. "And?"
            "And I have solved it. You will make her fall in love with you."
~Some Trust in Chariots

“Trist – you can’t do this.” The words broke from him, and he could not have held them back.  
But there was a quiet smile on Tristan’s face as he glanced back, meeting Derek’s eyes calmly. 
“You’re wrong, Dare. This is the one thing I can do.” He reached down, turning on the hidden camera clipped to his jacket, the smile still in place.
~Sons of Bretton Meyrick


Josie sniffed a little. “Ailli’s boots are darling. They brought them special from out East.”
Jim looked back at her. “A lot of things from out East should stay out East. Those boots included. If that girl - Ailli? What kind of name is that?” 
~Some Trust in Chariots

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Kendra E. Ardnek said...

These were all interesting! I liked the first best, but I loved Will's proposal, too.

Bekah said...

Lovely!! Nice titles(:

From the link-up:)

Katherine Sophia said...

Ooh, the first is from a bit of a favorite story, so I am thrilled that you liked it, Kendra! :)

Thanks, Bekah! I'm glad you stopped by! :D

Miss Melody Muffin said...

Hope Sprang Up- fascinating, Katherine!

Hahah- Will is such a blast!!

Oh, oh, oh! More from Sons of Bretton Meyrick! Jamie disappears? HIdden cameras?? Sounds tense- and cool!

Laughed over 'You will make her fall in love with you'.

Laughed over the last snippet, too!

I got your email and hope things go well with the computer. Loved the chapter, but I'm way too exhausted to comment on it tonight, I'm afraid. (Very LONG day.)

Katherine Sophia said...

:) Will is a pain... LOL

And yes, those wretched Meyrick boys have responded to my computer dying by becoming suddenly talkative - I think I finally have a plot! :D I hope they behave, because I'd love to post more snippets of them...

Aww, long days can be completely tiring, even when they're fun... I hope you're feeling recovered! :)

Jansina said...

I can't believe I didn't discover your blog until now! I love what I've seen so far, though, and I shall be a devoted follower now. :)

Love the excerpts!

Katherine Sophia said...

:D Hi, Jansina! I was just going to email you! You should be hearing from me soon... :)
And thank you! I look forward to seeing you around! :D

Jansina said...

Yay! I love emails. :D

Katherine Sophia said...

:D Me too! XD

Jansina said...

Hehe. ^_^

Btw--I linked to you on my author blog ( :)

Katherine Sophia said...

:) Thank you! And that is such a cute blog name! :D

Jansina said...

Thanks! :)

Jessica said...

*blush* confession confession I've read this a dozen times and never commented... Bad girl I am...

Will...what will we ever do with Will??? *dies* his proposal though *sniff*

The Brothers... *aches*

Some Trust in Chariots! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Oh Jim!!!! Oh... JOSIE!!!!! I miss them...



Katherine Sophia said...

Haha, Jessica... :) Strangely enough, Will is being silent at the moment... it would kind of be a good time for him to speak up... but it's FTF and the four brothers who are talking right now. :P
<3 u 2! :) Hope your Monday is going well!


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