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Snippets of Septemberness...

Okay, I saw Jessica's Favorites post, and gave in to the sudden desire that seized upon me to do the same. Which means you will get a snippet of every single one of my stories... from ONE of my favorite scenes. (I'm horrible with choosing favorites, and, after all, I'm not going to give you the ending of any of them! ;) :D Please enjoy, and feel free to comment! Which is your favorite of my favorites? Least favorite?

cover I used when I gave it to my younger
siblings last Christmas :) 
The Star Packer 
(it has something to do with the main mystery of the book...)
    Sanderson looked up from where he was seated, carelessly sprawled out on a large wooden chair, tilted back against the wall on two legs. The corners of his thin lips turned up when he saw how close Tim’s hands were to his pistols. 
   “Sit down,” he said.
 “Thanks, but I’ll stand. What’s up?” The boy’s eyes were half closed, but focused carefully on Wade, and his whole attitude was defiant.
    “I think you know, Bolt. A rumor’s been started that you’re not who you say you are.”
    “And if I’m not?” The boy’s voice was dangerously calm.  
    “Then you’re the Conlan Kid and I could shoot you right now and get $10,000!” The chair came down with a bang.
     Wade Sanderson was staring into two pistol barrels. 
    “I don’t think you could. And the reward is for me alive, not dead, by the way.” Bolt smiled softly.

because... well, that's the dagger.
The Jeweled Dagger 
(simply because it shows exactly who they all are in a few short paragraphs... and it was fun to write ;)
“I think I will like her, Naaman!” Her new mistress’s voice was gentle. She looked curiously at Kefira. “I wonder what she’s thinking?”
"Stupid swine of a Gentile." Kefira voice was soft, meek, pleading. It wished to speak Syrian. "Make me wait your ridiculous table indeed. I’d sooner muck the stable. I hate the very air you breathe. And I hope you choke on your disgusting sausage."
Ben-Kiral coughed suddenly, choking on his drink. For a moment pure fear shot through Kefira. She had not thought he would know what she said she hoped, though if he actually did it, she thought suddenly, she would not mind in the least.
But Naaman also spoke enough Hebrew to understand her words. She first realized it when his chair crashed to the ground.
The mistress glanced up, startled. Naaman’s face was white with passion. Reaching out, he wrenched Kefira toward him. "You do, do you? Maybe you’d rather-” He looked down at his wife. “Let me take care of this. Don’t worry."
Kefira met Ben-Kiral’s eyes, hating the hidden amusement she recognized in them just before he lowered his eyelids. His face was expressionless as he pushed back his chair. “Sir –”
   “Don’t disturb yourself. I will be back directly.” Naaman started for the door, pulling Kefira after him. 

*cough* Yeah, Will's dream cover,
even though the book was so totally NOT
about him... he said that was the only
interesting part in it, though... 
Some Trust in Chariots 
(awk... but Jim is one of my favorite characters, and there was such a short glimpse of happy in the book... I had to like this part. XD)

            Josie gave her friend a smile, then turned her attention to the swirling colors before her that were rapidly resolving themselves into whirling dancers. People watching was always fun. There was Tom again, although Caleb was still nowhere around. Then Jim flew by, this time with a different girl.
            Two weeks had not been long, but already Jim seemed a part of the family. Josie rested her head against the wall, watching him curiously. He threw himself into the dancing as he seemed to throw himself into everything else. She watched him, his red shirt flashing in and out between the other dancers, first with this girl, then with that. Despite the abundance of boys, no girl said no to him, and he seemed to be asking them all.
Josie could not help but smile. Now she knew what he reminded her of. He was a panther, dancing with the wild grace that somehow seemed to define him. The fiddle was singing, and from the back of the room she could hear a banjo joyously following its lead. She lost sight of Jim in the crowd, and closed her eyes to listen to the music. Her foot was keeping the beat, and she leaned back fully against the wall. Suddenly, she heard Jim's laughing voice beside her and her eyes flew open.
            “I’m here for my dance with one of the two prettiest girls in the room.” 

*sigh* .... 'cause Will likes cards? :P
Will Arrington 
(an aching bit... but I like it because it is Will at the lowest point in his life - and he is finally in a place where he can realize that he is not self-sufficient. It took me a long time to get him there, believe me. Anyway, you'll be getting quite a few of my favorite 'Will-moments' next month. ;) 

             He was wandering slowly through the market. They said tourists should not go there unattended, but Will would not have listened before, and now he was past caring. Besides, he knew the language, he was armed, and nothing had ever stopped him before.
The mark of Cain – the ability to enter any situation and walk away unscathed, he thought, with deliberate self-mockery. The brilliant colors, the cacophony of sounds, and the feast of smells swirled around him unnoticed. He moved through it untouched, unmoved.

because if I could have any cover I wanted,
this would be it... 

'cause it fits the story...
Hope Sprang Up 
(ack... too many favorites... okay, this one at least does not give away the entire story. :) If you find it confusing: one of the MC's was just given hallucinogenic pain-killer. Unlike every one else, however, he does not have a crazy nightmare...) 

Thank you, he said, only he had not spoken aloud. Yet the other understood him, somehow he knew.
Who are you? he started, when suddenly his fingers felt the scar. His eyes flew to the man’s hand and wrist, wondering only an instant before he fell to his knees at the feet of the shining figure, touching his forehead to the ground.
Adonai, he breathed. Christos.
Again that sound like thunder, but in the stillness that followed he heard the words, heard them almost inside his mind, yet they went deeper than that. They rang out in his heart, strong and true.
Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for Jehovah thy Elohim is with thee whithersoever thou goest

umm... because roses are very fairy-tale-ish. And Tam seems
to like red ones... 
Tam Lyn 
(I already posted my more favorite bit... please excuse my ungrammaticalness for the moment... and this book is barely started, so most of my favorite scenes are in my head. :P But this is so them...  :)

            “And do –” he gestured meaninglessly towards me. “Something with your hair.”
            “Something with my hair?” I repeated. That was lucid.
            He sighed as if I were half-witted. “The idea here is to be unnoticeable. If you could come lookin’ a bit more like a servant, and less like a princess, it would be helpful.”
            “And how exactly, does a servant look? As compared with a princess, I mean?” I asked, emphasizing the word just as he had. “Especially considering that I’ll certainly be dressed as a servant.”
            He rolled his eyes. “Just… cover your hair up so it doesn’t draw the attention of every courtier in the castle.”
            Turning to go, he glanced back at me. “And don’t smile at them either.
            I watched him walk away, trying unsuccessfully to keep back my smile. I couldn’t help it, though. So I looked like a princess? Not that I should care… but it was flattering – and I knew he hadn’t meant it to be.
Oh, but it was a relief to be with the one person who knew what I had done and why.

Look up Lo-ruhamah if you don't remember what it means...
Faith Through Flames
(another story barely started... this is one of those scenes that I will probably have to re-write once I know the characters better, but as the one scene that makes another character's death worth it, it is one of my favorites so far written)

He came forward slightly, looking up at Arael with steadfast eyes. “It is that destruction that haunts you now – living death that lasts for all eternity! But He loved us still, and that is why Christos stepped into the way of that destruction and took it upon himself. Open your eyes! See that He is beside you! Just as you would never abandon the one you love, but would stay by them through any pain that came to them, even if it was due their own choices, so He stands by you, willing to ease your suffering if you will only turn to Him!”
What he was saying, Arael did not know, but words long forgotten were ringing in his mind. Where he had heard them, he could not remember, but they were there. For Elohim so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth on him shall be saved. Believe on Elyon Iesus Christos, and thou shalt be saved.  
 She had made a choice, and both of them were paying for it now. But could not there possibly be Another with them, paying for the consequences of both their choices? One who loved him as much as he loved her, and Who would do anything to save him from the pain he felt and would always feel, just as he himself would for her?
The violence of the emotions roiling through him brought sudden tears to his eyes and he closed them, bowing his head.
“Iesus Christos,” he said softly, “I believe.”

my dream cover from a very talented friend
And It Was Love
(Sad to say, but this will probably be the last AIWL snippet I post... It's very close to being finished, and I'd rather not post the whole thing online. :) This is one of my favorite scenes just because so much happens in it... though you only get to see a tiny bit here. :(

     With a sudden movement she had unfastened the clasp of the heavy bear cloak, and the next instant she was on her feet, balancing easily on the branch, one hand lightly resting in the tangled twigs above her. Her dress was the color of a water bird’s wing feathers – not green and not blue, but somewhere wildly in between. She had dyed it herself; she wanted to stand out, and she knew she did, astonishingly bright against the stark white and black of the winter background.
     “None of you! None of you stand a chance against them! I offered the choice to your king; now I offer it to you. Will you join Ilmatara in her fight against Brynhaven, and at least save your own lives? Or will you blindly follow, straight into the open hand of Death? I’ve seen you fight, and these are your only options, for you will never conquer Ilmatara.”
       The amusement was wiped cleaned from their faces now. Her heart pounding strangely in her ears, she saw the shock travel across the group like a wave, watched the men turn to Jayde, and she met his eyes with defiance in her own.
       There was a strangled sound below her, and Mahon strode suddenly across to Jayde. They were still not far from her, and every word the man said carried easily back to her ears. He was nearly shouting.
      “She has crossed the line. That is treason, and either she defends it or she repents it.”

another cover by that same friend :) See the
age difference for this story? :D 
Unnamed Western Sequel I  
(I don't like writing about my characters once they're married... it's just weird. LOL So this is one I'm going to totally re-write in a different style, and from a different character's perspective. For much younger children than I was originally intending. Good thing I'm only 8 pages into it. :P 
And a note of explanation... he's sending her and their baby to Europe because he's got people after him (doesn't he always...) and he doesn't want to worry about them getting her. The last thing she wants to do, obviously, is leave him alone to face them.)

“I loved you yesterday, I love you still; I always have… and I always will,” he said whimsically.
            But Rosalia merely choked back a sob, hiding her face against his chest and clinging to him as if she could not bear to let go.
            “Will,” she whispered, her voice shaky through her tears, “Please, please forgive me for not marrying you the day you asked me. We missed so much time together, just because I wanted to wait… I am jealous for every hour I was not your wife – I am sorry!”
            His arms tightened about her. “No, Rosalia, no. You wanted to wait until we were both ready, and you were wise, wiser than I. We needed to wait until we had grown up.”
            She did not respond, and at last he added, “You’re supposed to remind me that I will never be grown up.”
            At that she pushed sharply away from, smiling through her tears as she batted him with her hand. “You won’t be, not ever… yet I trust you in this.”

Unnamed Western Sequel II 
(heh, yeah... I'm getting quite the series... unfortunately they're kind of practice books. But since I started the series when I was 15, I guess I can't be too unhappy that I now find the beginning books full of problems... ;)

It was a fast dance, and there was no place for talking, so he simply spun her out and in, his own feet keeping time to the music as if it was a part of himself, and just as easily keeping her with him. Inside, the fiddle hit the ending notes and, instead of a final curtsy and bow, he set her twirling, faster and faster and faster until she was clinging to his fingers with all her strength as if afraid that he would let go. Then he reversed it, slowing as he did so, until, in the silence between songs, she spun slowly to a stop, where she stood, facing him breathlessly, her lips parted in a laughing smile. He bowed and released her hands. Clapping them together like a little girl, she laughed as she caught her breath.
“That was fine!” she gasped, and he smiled again. Her happiness was infectious.     

The Sons of Bretton Meyrick
(just a tiny part of my favorite bit... it's one scene where everything comes together - you're getting the bit where it all falls apart.)

           He had spent the summer working in the ER – but nothing could have prepared him for this; watching his brother’s life drain from his body with every pulse of his fast-beating heart.
He could feel the rhythm of that pulse slowing, even as he knelt there, and he fought back the panic rising in his chest, using his free hand to open Tristan’s shirt yet more. Something snagged his fingers, and Blair suddenly caught his breath, feeling as if he had just been struck a blow to the face.
It was a rawhide lacing that had tangled about a button, and a silver cross hung from it, gleaming in the chill, grey air. He knew he had but to close his eyes, and he would see that same silver cross, swinging from a silver chain as his mother bent before the mirror, fastening the clasp at her throat, preparing for a weekend in Chicago. 
It was the last time he had seen her alive.
To see that same cross now, hanging about his brother’s neck… He bowed his head, begging silently with all his heart, yet now it was not for his brother’s life that he prayed, but only for his soul.
He dared not ask for both.


and another cover made some ages ago also by
Jessica... :D She wants to read this story, but I
just keep talking about it and never writing it. :P
StarDusk: a tale of the Dragon Riders
(This story I hope to properly introduce to you soon... Until then... I have a very limited bit of story you can read. :P)

Kaladhiel laughed, reaching one hand out to catch one when a swarm ducked too near their heads. She held it a moment, watching her hand light up and then darken as the little light flicked on and off, before opening her hand and letting it fly away. Still smiling, she brought her legs up to her chest, folding her arms about them and resting her head on her knees.
“What do you call them?” she asked, and Seung-Jae leaned back, allowing himself to smile at the dance of lights.
“We call them Dragon’s Breath,” he said softly, on some strange impulse giving her the word in his own language, “for they are so like the sparks one sees on the breath of a dragon.”
龍的呼吸” she repeated after him, a dreamy smile upon her lips, and he sat up with a start.
“Do not say it so loudly!” he reproved her, and she looked at him, puzzled.
“Why not?”
“Speaking the language of our people is forbidden, and the punishment is harsh.”
Her smile disappeared and she dropped her eyes to her hands. “I am sorry,” she said. “The language is beautiful.”

Thanks again for hosting snippets, Katie! :) 

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Miss Melody Muffin said...

Yay!!! Snippets of all your stories! I loved reading Jessica's post and now I'm going to have just as much fun reading yours!

I'm dreadful about choosing favorites, too.

The Star Packer: fantastic title! Ooh, great scene! Love the kid's coolness!

The Jeweled dagger: I want to hear more about this story! :) Does he beat her for talking like that? The new mistress sounds nice, is she?

Some Trust in Chariots: Heehee, Will, 'he said that was the only interesting part in it though'. He is so much fun! Hmm, who is the other prettiest girl in the room?

Will Arrington: ouch! Oh, Will....

Hope Sprnag Up: intriguing!

Tam Lyn: Hahaha! This is hilarious!

Faith Through Flames: beautiful!

And It Was Love: Ooh, can't WAIT to get to this scene! :)

I don't like writing about my characters once they're married either! It's this mental block for me, somehow!

Unnamed Western Sequel I: Awwww!

Unnamed Western Sequel II: Adorable!

The Sons of Bretton Meyrick: I came very close to choking up as I rad this.

Star Dusk: I'm very curious about this story. Dragons fascinate me. This is a beautiful but mysterious scene....

I like them all! But I've told you that before. If I HAD to pick top favorites, I'd say the And It Was Love trilogy, The Sons of Bretton Meyrick, and Tam Lyn.

Also, the More Than You Wanted to Know and The Story-Lover In Me pages at the top of your blog aren't working for me anymore. When I click on them, it tells me those pages don't exist on your blog. Do you know why?

You'll hear from me soon!

Cait said...

Wow you are writing a LOT of books! Good on you! :) I enjoyed reading your snippets. My utter favourite had to be the first. Names. Manner. Prose. Everything made me want to read more. :D

stopping by from the linkup

Katherine Sophia said...

TJD was definitely a fun one to write... Yeah, Kefira gets in major trouble for that. At some point in the somewhat near future, I want to get back to re-writing the story... and you'll probably be hearing more about it then. :D

Yeah, Will's a bit into himself at times... XD Ha, and it's Josie's best friend. They're the only two girls Jim knows there. :D

haha, that's kind of funny, because And it was Love, The Sons of Bretton Meyrick, and Tam Lyn are the three I'm mainly working on right now. :)

Hmm... those pages been doing that recently; I don't know what's wrong with them. :P Then they seem to work for a while, and then they don't. Bother... :P

Thanks for commenting, Melody! :) Always fun to see what you think! :D

Haha, it is getting to be a lot, Cait! Though 4 of them are finished at least rough drafts, if not already through several revisions. 1 is almost done, and then 3 I've just got a few ideas written down. So they're in all stages of completion... which is fun, though my brain gets a little full sometimes. XD I'm so glad you enjoyed them! And YAY! I had a lot of fun writing the Star Packer one, and spent a lot of time revising it later, so it's good to hear that it made you want more! :D Thanks for stopping by! :)


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