Tuesday, September 18, 2012

moment of awesome

I have just a moment here, between learning genetics, anatomy, doing my reading for sci-wri, and a pre-med club meeting tonight, but I had to say something about anatomy class today. 
We're learning the skeleton now, and the teacher mentioned that one drug women were taking in the 60's for morning sickness that resulted in babies being born without their limbs. Then he proceeded to show a clip of Nick Vujicic

I couldn't believe it. Of course, every mention of Jesus Christ was carefully edited out (which has to make you a little sick...) but everyone heard the rest of Nick's message. The girl ahead of me wrote down his name in her notes, and I had to wonder how many students in that room are going to go look him up later tonight? 

How many people are going to go find out the reason WHY he is able to live as he does and smile like that? Because he is living for God, people have to be awed by his testimony - to the point that the most atheistic of them are compelled to tell people about him. 

That's pretty awesome.  

2 thoughts shared:

Storyteller said...

I hope they do look him up. He is precious.

Katherine Sophia said...

Oh, so do I! I am looking forward to reading his latest book. :)


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