Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Curse God and... feel better?

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Do you ever take theological issue with a novel? Are there any common themes you've noticed in books that drive you crazy? 

I used to flip through standard "Christian fiction" and find myself shocked by the  characters' attitudes toward God. (It's unfortunately not quite so shocking, the more times you encounter it. :P)

Perhaps it's true that the common human reaction to suffering is not Job's, but rather his wife's response - curse God. Rather interesting, though, that she added "and die," isn't it? I don't think I would mind if that were the attitude shown in books. That's unfortunately realistic. Instead, other (Christian) characters act like it's fine.  

Think about Job's response to his troubles (a faaar cry from screaming at God) and then look at these verses from Job 34:

33  Should [God’s] recompense [for your sins] be as you will it, when you refuse to accept it? For you must do the choosing, and not I; therefore say what is your truthful conclusion.34  Men of understanding will tell me, indeed, every wise man who hears me [will agree],35  That Job speaks without knowledge, and his words are without wisdom and insight.36  [Would that Job’s afflictions be continued and] he be tried to the end because of his answering like wicked men!37  For he adds rebellion [in his unsubmissive, defiant attitude toward God] to his unacknowledged sin; he claps his hands [in open mockery and contempt of God] among us, and he multiplies his words of accusation against God

What a contrast to the idea I have seen so many times in books - It's okay to yell at God. He can take it.  
Ever read Ezekiel 6:9, where God describes Himself as broken by His people's rebellion? Do people realize that they are basically saying that our sin doesn't bother God? Or do they mean to say that telling God you hate Him is not a sin? Huh???

Job never did curse God and die. But he did insist that he did not deserve all that had happened to him, ie., that God's judgement was not fair - condemning God by implication only - and look how God responds!
Several chapters later, Job simply lays his hand upon his mouth and acknowledges that God is utterly without blame.

Maybe the question should be, can you "take" yelling at God? 

I think we have forgotten the holiness, the awesomeness, that is our God. A God who loved us so fiercely He took all our sins - the despicable things that He hated and abhorred - upon Himself. A God so perfect His death was necessary to to satisfy His justice. 

I picked up one series the other day where the protagonist kept on calling God "Big Guy." O.o THAT is how you refer to Someone so awesome that the Jews would not even write down His Name?
I get that those who do not know God would not understand this... but can those of us who call ourselves His followers start remembering that He is Holy?

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Kiri Liz said...

Yes! I know what you mean! I've become very disgusted with some modern Christian fiction because they talk about the Almighty Lord as a genie, a crutch, or a pal rather than their personal Savior who died to save them. Yes, He is holy and awe-inspiring, so we should refer to Him as such.

Without trying to sound nasty, I almost feel offended when people call God by names that do not fit the Supreme Lord that He is. This is the perfect God who made the earth, who made you, who loved you, who died for you, who saved you! Why can't they see His amazing power and grace and understand the significance of it all?

Joy said...

I so agree with you in this post, Kathrine! Thank you for sharing :).

Blessings in Christ,

Katherine Sophia said...

Exactly, Kiri Liz... I'm not trying to be judgmental or say that I treat God with the holiness He deserves (I would guess that none of us can even truly comprehend how great He really is!), but it's just something I wish people stop and think about before going merrily on their without seeming even to care about the disrespect with which they are treating their Creator and Savior.

Thank you both for commenting!


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