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Snippets in August...

I saw red, and if it was a bad color on Tam, heaven only knows what it did to my eyes. I slapped the prince, slapped him so hard he staggered, and I would bet you gold coins that he saw stars.
It is rather needless to say that I joined Tam in the dungeon.
~Tam Lyn

“Thanks,” he said shortly, then stepped backwards. As he’d expected, there was immediately a foot behind his ankle. But he was ready, and swung his own foot easily away, pivoting as he did so to shove his elbow in the stomach of the owner of the other foot. The boy staggered, doubling over as he did so, and Will continued his movement, smashing forward to bang his forehead into the other boy’s nose. That boy yelled and fell backwards, and Will straightened to face the first speaker again. 
“An’ ye don’t want a Liverpool kiss, don’t go flirting with a lad from Ireland by way of England.”
There was pure shock on the boy’s face, and Will smiled. Suddenly the shock disappeared and the boy threw himself at Will furiously, just as someone else slammed into the back of his legs – a friend lately arrived, he guessed, as he went down beneath them both. The boy with a bloody nose joined in eagerly, and Will found himself rolling to avoid getting his cap shoved down his throat. The one he’d elbowed in the stomach took a moment longer, but then there were four, and they were mad. 
“Go home, orphan boy. We don’t need your kind around here, foreigners and troublemakers!” the first boy hissed in his ear.
Will spit dirt out of his mouth. “Faith, but you’re one to talk!”
~Will Arrington

She was laughing again. “Oh, you can never have too many dreams!”
“Why is that?” he asked slowly, and her voice sounded puzzled as she answered, “Why is what?”
“I mean how I guess. How is it that you have so many dreams? Look at your life. What made you think you could dream?”
There was more pain than laughter in her voice as she asked softly, “What made you think you couldn’t?”
~Sons of Bretton Meyrick

“I saw a pretty girl crying and I made her laugh. Now you just made her cry again. Which of us has committed a crime here?”
For an instant the man stared at him, as if unable to believe what he had just heard. Whether it was the words themselves or the accent that threw them, he was never quite sure. Probably it was both. 
~unnamed Western sequel...

“Good morning, Will! Did you sleep well?” Mrs. Elliot asked cheerily. 
The question threw him for a moment– had anyone ever asked him how he had slept before? But he recovered instantly.
“Like a baby,” he said seriously.
Mrs. Elliot smiled again, and he immediately added, “Woke up every three hours and cried.”
Her smile disappeared and he grinned. “I’m kidding.”
~Will Arrington

“Sweet Betsey from Pike!” Dare exploded, and Tristan threw back his head, laughing out loud.
Even Blair had to smile, though he tried rather unsuccessfully to hide it. 
~Sons of Bretton Meyrick

He got to his feet then, his face going so serious that, had Zander not just seen the smile, he might have doubted the man could smile. 
“I’m the sheriff, obviously – Jim Boltaire’s the name. What on earth did you do, to set them off like that?” 
But Zander’s mouth had suddenly gone dry. How had he not seen it before? The man was going to kill him. 
Slowly, painfully, he got to his feet, wiping the last of the blood from his face with the cloth and then setting it deliberately on the desk before lifting his head to meet the man’s gaze. 
“I was dancing – with your daughter.”
~ more unnamed Western sequel...

“Drop!” Tristan barked the order, his index finger trembling against the trigger guard of his Glock 22 as the adrenaline rushed through his veins, his heart pounding in his ears. 
Abel Heinzmeyer’s head came up in quick shock, and the next instant he turned halfway around, the wrench he had been using on the engine still in his right hand.
“On the ground! Now!” Tristan repeated, taking a step forward, just barely raising his voice. For an instant he thought Abel was going to listen this time. 
The next he was ducking the flying wrench and shoving his gun back into his holster with a muttered exclamation, even as he took out after Abel’s long legs. This was getting old. 
~Sons of Bretton Meyrick

Will looked down at the ground a moment, then lifted his gaze with a whimsical smile playing about the corners of his mouth. “Will you take my daughter’s hand in marriage?”
~still more unnamed Western sequel... maybe I should name it... :P

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Miss Melody Muffin said...

'It is rather needless to say that I joined Tam in the dungeon"!!!! I loved this!!

So Will is pretty good in a fight? I'm betting he wins this one!

Hm, I'm guessing this girl plays an important part in the lives of the Meyrick boys?

Hahaha, Will!! 'Like a baby, woke up every three hours and cried'!!

The Meyrick boys do know how to laugh! Now I'm wondering what made Dare explode?

'Unnamed Western sequel' is sounding interesting. :)

Tristan can be dangerous! It just makes me like him even more!

'Will you take my daughter's hand in marriage?' ooh, is this Willie?

These are such fun, Katherine!

Katherine Sophia said...

LOL, yeah, Jennie and Tam are definitely a lot of fun. :D

Will definitely fights a lot - when he's younger, though I do have a scene spinning in my head where he gets in a fight with one of his church members in the Unnamed Western Sequel... LOL I'm not sure that he always wins, but I am sure that he never looses! XD

Yup, that girl was actually my plot-maker, though she is currently undergoing much revision. I told all four boys there was going to be NO girls and NO romance, but unfortunately this girl was needed badly by the story. :P

LOL - I actually do not know what made Dare crazy. Nor am I sure where exactly it fits in the story. That story is allll over the place... which is too bad, because it has definite potential to actually be a good story. :) And yes, Tristan can be dangerous... :)

Yup, Will is apparently determined to go about everything backwards, including asking someone to marry poor Willie... not that he would ever tell her to marry someone she was not crazy about. :) Still, it's not exactly typical... Josie Adair says 'propriety' and 'Will Arrington' can hardly fit in the same sentence. ;)

Cait said...

Love the snippets. Your writing voice is really refreshing to read! :) The first one is so fabulous.

stopping by from the linkUP


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