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Whispers of Death - July Snippets

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Some months I am dreadful about posting things I actually wrote the previous month,  but it's generally something I at least went back to working on, so...  these are all projects I've been messing with this past month. :D
And I realized after I put this together that about half of them had to do with dying or killing. :P Wholly unintentional, I assure you. 

Jaden waved him back, and Lord Edrien retreated, his face white. The servents melted away, but Jaden did not move, as arrow after arrow pounded itself into the board behind himself, feeling the rush of death whispering by him with each passing shot.

~And It Was Love 

Osbeorn raised his eyebrows at Jaden’s drawn face, and Jaden shrugged at the questions in his friend’s eyes. 
“She screams at night,” he said simply, and Osbeorn shook his head. 
“Good thing I’m staying then,” he said and Jaden nearly tripped down the broad stairs that led to the courtyard where the Vastaavatkarhun army awaited his presence. 
“You what?

~And It Was Love 

There was indeed water everywhere, and Will skipped over the puddles, wishing that he was wearing boots as the dampness began seeping through his moccasins. When was last time I waterproofed these? he thought with disgust, shaking water droplets from his feet.

Someone laughed, and he looked around to see Annabeth leaning against a tree, looking wide awake and ready to go.

“What?” he asked, setting his foot solidly down in a puddle. 

 “You look like a cat, tiptoeing around the water that way.”
“Meow.” He grinned at her, then tilted his head sideways.
~FanFic (a currently rather name-less story (other than the fact that we liked the idea of writing fanfiction about our own stories LOL) written by myself and Jessica in which we threw a random sampling of our characters into a strange world and then sat back to watch the insanity unfold. It's quite entertaining.)

“Don’t you see?” Tam Lyn demanded. “Christina cannot let that child live! The Princess Natalia has been under guard for the past six months, and I and the midwife that has been assigned to her are both under orders to strangle the babe before he takes his first breath.”

~Tam Lyn 

            “Your coming was foretold.”

            The pause that followed those words was apparently supposed to be impressive, and though Will hated to admit it anywhere in his screaming head, it kind of was.


They had been artists, once, as well. 
Back when his people ruled from the floors which they now scrubbed.

~StarDusk - The Dragon Riders 
(a B.C. fantasy/alternative history novel)

She was a lioness – and he had learned that, when those she loved were threatened, nothing could hold her back. Which meant… 
She will be coming for me. And I must escape before she comes anywhere near this place. It smells of death. 

He threw himself between them, knocking her captor against the nearest wall, his right hand going instinctively for the dagger that was not there. Kýrios o Theós! Would it never stop?
Kýrios, forgive me, he thought, and slowly stepped back. It was only a boy, he realized then – and he would not have needed his dagger. 
He could have killed the lad with his bare hands.

~StarDusk - The Dragon Riders

He looked back at her. “How much longer do you think she can live like that? Truly? To her detriment? Are you serious? I can’t just leave her alone!” 
The healer’s expression did not change. “And if you drive her to her death, your majesty? What then?”

~And It Was Love

He turned in the saddle, swallowing the ache that came to him. “What is it?” he asked, and she looked to him, a still and wondering joy upon her face.
“To see the sky like this… with so many colors… it is a beauty that brings pain with it.”

~StarDusk - The Dragon Riders

And because it is too much fun, another snippet from the FanFic, where Will Arrington (who has appeared on this blog far too often for the good of his ego) introduces voting to a group of people that includes a Syrian, an Israelite, two princesses, a prince, and two members of a royal guard, among others. 

“Okay. So now we all know at least who we’ve got – and before I sit down, I vote that Phabian is in charge. He’s the oldest here, he’s obviously experienced – and as the only person here who can calm hysterics, he’s the only person I’d be willing to follow.”

Will promptly sat down, ignoring the fact that Josie had covered her face with her hands and was whispering to Jim, “I don’t know him.”

Jim laughed quietly, but leaned forward, saying, “Not for all those same reasons, but I vote for him too.”

Silence followed that, until Ben-Kiral spoke up from back by the wall. “I also.”
Will tilted his head back, leaning backwards until he was looking at Kefira upside down. “Kefiii-rah.”
She did not answer, and he shook his head, still upside down. “Who do you want in charge?”
Somewhat stiffly, she replied, “I am sure that Ben-Kiral knows more about such things than I do, and if he wants to follow the captain…” A tiny smile flitted across her face and she finished, “And if you are simply not going to let me be in charge – then I “vote” for him as well.”
He grinned at her, then sat up straight. “Josie?”
“I never thought you were such a women’s libber, Will!” she laughed, then looked at Jim, whispering softly, “You really don’t want to be in charge?”
He shook his head. “I’d rather be able to focus on you if something happens, and not every single person in the group.”
She blushed, then looked at the others biting her lip. “Um…. Either Phabian – or Jack,” she finished in a rush. “Can I split my vote?” she added, blushing again.
Will shook his head, sighing. “And they wonder why we haven’t given them the right to vote yet… good thing you don’t live in Wyoming, Josie.”
“Hey!” Jim flicked a pebble across the fire at Will. “She can split her vote if she wants to. So we have three and a half votes for Phabian and half a vote for Jack. Who’s next?”
Will ducked the pebble and pointed at Annabeth. “I wanna know who you’re voting for.”

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Miss Melody Muffin said...

These were terrific!!!! The Dragon Riders sounds intriguing! (I love dragons.)

Now I'm dying to know all about the Princess Natalia and why there are orders to kill her baby??

I liked what I've read of 'And It Was Love' so much that I went back through all your old blog posts about it. What a fascinating plot!

You write so well!!!

Mime said...

Those snippets were really good! I really like the second one. Very funny. :)


Katherine Sophia said...

Thank you so much for the compliment, Melody! Especially the fact that you went back to read more about 'And It Was Love' - made my day! :D

Thank you, Mime! :D Something about throwing characters from different countries and time periods together always results in some craziness... :) It's been a lot of fun to write. :D


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