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Love and Writing...

I got this idea from the brilliant Mirriam, and something about it was irresistible. Despite the fact that nothing makes me laugh quite like two people falling in love, I think at heart I must be an incurable romantic... you'll probably agree if you manage to get to the end of this post. :)

I am thinking, however, of doing a few more posts like this - only on other types of relationships, like parent/child and sibling (my favorite!). :D So, if you don't like mushiness, just wait for those. ;) 

Set me as a seal upon thine heart, as a seal upon thine arm: for love is strong as death; jealousy is cruel as the grave: the coals thereof are coals of fire, which hath a most vehement flame. Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it: if a man would give all the substance of his house for love, it would utterly be contemned.

                  Source: Uploaded by user via Katherine on Pinterest

Kefira and Ben-Kiral - "The Jeweled Dagger"

They were my first official people "in-love"... much as I tried to keep them apart. Kefira vowed to kill the man by whose hand her father died - and if that man was Ben-Kiral, she was prepared to die satisfied. He was, after all, the raider who captured her and gave her to Naaman.
Ben-Kiral's opinion? She was a slave, an enemy of his people, and everything he had sworn vengeance upon when his family was slaughtered. 

Oh, things always get interesting when you throw vows of vengeance in the mix... lol and with all that drama and trauma, you can tell it was one of my earlier stories. :P

She stopped beside the water pitcher, trying to shake off the blackness that threatened her, even as every beat of her heart reminded her why she hated him. Her fingers were trembling slightly, and she clenched the towel in her hands, waiting for him to finish his meticulous hand washing. Unconsciously her eyes swung to his chest and moved slowly down to where she guessed his fifth rib to be. It would be so very easy to have the dagger hidden under the towel.
Suddenly she was aware of his eyes upon her, and she looked up to meet his amused glance.
“So, planning my death already?” He took the towel from her nerveless hands, the corners of his mouth just barely turning upwards.

Jim and Josie - Some Trust in Chariots

Haha, well... these two are a case... my little country girl and my Texas ranger... the ranger has appeared in 5 stories so far, and is probably my first real character. :) I could see why she fell in love with him, after he saved her life (though it was his fault she was in danger in the first place...) and then they got kidnapped together. Him on the other hand... it's just who he was. I tried to make him like a couple other girls, but once he met her, he pretty much decided how the story was going to go, I think. 
But still... their courtship story is one of my favorites, simply because they are so very sweet together. Like when she named her baby sister after him...

“You could have picked any name in the world, and you picked Jamie?”
She nodded innocently. “I like the name Jamie.” Suddenly her face clouded, and she turned away from him slightly. “And that way every time I see her, I’ll remember to pray for you down in Texas.”
He looked back at the baby. “Texas is a long ways, isn’t it?”

Will and Rosalia - Some Trust in Chariots

Oh, they were so fun. Two characters who should not have been in the story at all... Rosalia was actually supposed to be who Jim married... and Will... he just really wasn't supposed to be there. Neither one wanted to accept being secondary characters, however, so... anyway, let's just say that Will flirts outrageously.  

Then he turned to the girl beside him. "¿Cómo está usted, señorita, de verdad?"
            Her eyes widened, and she answered in her mother tongue. "You speak the language of my birth?"
            He raised his eyebrows slightly. "I speak the language of your heart, my lady. If that is the language of your birth, then yes, I do."

River and Jayde - And It Was Love

Ah, another couple who was not supposed to be... I try, I really do. They just insist on messing up my stories. :P However, I must say that Jayde pretty much made the story - without him it would have completely fallen apart. He's a barbarian prince... she's a princess... and also his slave. Once they discover they both serve the same God, things get interesting. It helps that she saved his life... it doesn't help that he's training an army to invade her country. 

And here she goes to watch the soldiers training... as you can tell, he's not exactly the most courtly person she's ever met.

Without further warning, he turned, taking her under the arms and swinging her up onto a low branch of the tree.
She gasped, clutching instinctively at his arms as he lifted her. “I’m not that small!”
Jayde grunted, pushing her further back onto the branch. “I’ll say. What do they feed Ilmataran girls, anyway?”
A sniff was her only reply, and he grinned up at her. “Just stay there and you can see perfectly.”
“Stay here? Obviously. How am I supposed to get down?”
He shrugged. “Maybe I’ll come get you down later?”
“I’ll probably freeze to death before you’re done.”

Kestral and Avaenestelwen - Hope Sprang Up

Oh, finally! Two people who actually were supposed to fall in love! Another prince and another princess... countries divided by war... he is also a spy and she.. well, she's basically the counterspy. Supposed to help torture him to get vital information that will mean the death of several people he cares deeply about. Yeah...  

Suddenly his fingers were swiftly moving across the paper, and I watched the ivory parchment darkening beneath the sure strokes of the pen. He pushed it towards me.
“Do you know what that is?”
I looked down at the flower, its five petals ornate and beautiful. Mutely I shook my head.
“It is the cinquefoil, flower of hope. It is my king’s standard, emblazoned on a green background.”
“Green…” I murmured. “The color of hope. Tell me, why is hope so important to you all?” I knew the answer to that question, oh, how I knew it! To live without hope is no living at all, merely an existence that I would escape – so gladly! – if I could.
Something in his face told me he knew my thoughts. His voice was gentle as he replied. “Because. Without hope… without hope there is nothing”
Again I raised my eyes to his. “Then there is nothing.”

Jennie and Val/Jennie and Tam Lyn - Tam Lyn

Yes, I have two in this story... and already they're fighting over who gets to be friends and who gets to be married. :P 

It's Jennie Wilcox, daughter of a lord's second son who became a vicar... Val, Earl of Sunderland, from an impoverished but very proud old family - his sister is Jennie's best friend and he and Jennie have been close for the past five years... and Tam... as you should be able to guess from his name, is actually in disguise, a mysterious person from court who appears suddenly in her life and completely throws everything into confusion.

Here is the first time they meet... Jennie is standing by. 

            Tam turned his eyes to Val again, raising his eyebrows. “An astonishing thing for one of the poverty-stricken Sunderlands to come up with that kind of gold!” He shook his head with a regretful sigh. “At least when they were poverty-stricken they were always said to be honest.”
            “They still are,” Val said, through gritted teeth.
            Tam smiled. “Of course they still are,” he said, the mockery in his tone too slight to rightfully take offense to, but just enough to cut right to the quick of one such as Val.

Writers... do you plan on writing any kind of romance into your stories? How big a part do you think it should play in the story as a whole? 

Readers... which story do you think sounds the most interesting? The least? 

4 thoughts shared:

Vicki said...

Ooo, fabulous idea!! I want to do this too! (But unfortunately, I don't have any stories for which I could use that awesome picture ... grr ...)

Romance in stories ... yes. Well, I'm not quite sure which of my stories in the last thirteen years has not had romance in it, actually. Occasionally it's the passionate, not-yet-married, I-would-go-through-fire-and-flood-for-you kind of romance; but more often, it's either comfortable young married couples or funny dating college students. I'll introduce you to some of my little couples one of these days! :-)

~ Vicki

Katherine Sophia said...

It's hard to keep out, for sure! The first real novel I finished didn't have any... it actually didn't have any girls, just a couple of married women who appeared in a paragraph or two, so it couldn't really have any romance in it, lol. But right now I'm trying to write a modern-day story about 4 brothers. As a story about four boys, I told them clearly right away, no girls allowed in this story. Turns out two of the four are just about engaged, and both girls are quite ready to jump in and mess with my poor plot. *headdesk* :D Oh, well... it's funny how the story dynamics change when you add in even a tiny bit of romance! :)

Miss Melody Muffin said...

I love this idea, Katherine! And other types of relationships.... Siblings is my favorite too!

I've written romance into about two-thirds of my stories so far. I prefer not to have it be the central focus in my writing, but just an aside; that nevertheless is an important aside, because romance is a part of life. I'm not very good yet at writing mushy romance. (I'm just not keen on 'mush'!) I'd rather write 'strong, silent, passionate' love. But, of course, not all my characters behave that way, so I'm adjusting to writing other kinds of romance. And thinking that some of my stories will have a stronger focus on romance than I intended! :)

Kefira and Ben-Kiral- oooh sounds fascinating!! Vows of vengeance! I love the drama of it!

Josie naming the baby after Jim is so cute!

I'm really liking Will!! Even more after this!

I think River and Jayde are my favorites of your couples!

Hope Sprang Up- wow. She is so hopeless and he is so hopeful.

Tam Lyn- This was great! I think this is my second favorite of your stories.

Katherine, do you mind if I use this idea of relationship posts for some of my characters?

Katherine Sophia said...

Ooh, then I will definitely have to work on doing two more posts, Melody! :)

Exactly how I like romance... it's a part of life, but there is definitely so much more to life! Let's not obsess on just that! lol :D Heh, and I'm with you on mushy love too... Bad characters... :P

River and Jayde's story is my longest so far, so they've gotten room for some serious character development - and of course, they're the ones I'm writing right now, so I love them dearly. :D

Ooh, and Tam Lyn is one I need to get going on soon (maybe after I finish And it was Love?), so thank you for the encouragement! :D

And I totally do not mind if you do some posts like this! :D I got the idea from Mirriam, and Vicki just did one, so I will be looking forward to seeing yours!


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