Thursday, July 12, 2012

Actually Finishing Something July

I saw this post and went Yes! That's what I want to do! And then remembered I have Something Besides Writing to finish this month.



my studying so far... well... let's just say...
Particularly because... 

^that's pretty much exactly true. 


In fact, if you want an illustration of my current state of mind... 

this should give you some idea. 

Sooo... although

That's just how it has to be.

I am taking the MCAT on August 4th, starting around 1pm... it'll take around 5 1/2 hours, and I will be tested on Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Organic Chemistry, Verbal Reasoning, and Writing Abilities - as shown by two papers written on two given statements, each paper taking thirty minutes. No spell check is available. 

Each section is worth 15 points; a 45 is a near-perfect score and maybe 1 or 2 people a test get that. Getting in the upper 30's would be really, really good though, and as I'm currently getting 27-29, I have some SERIOUS learning to do in the next VERY FEW weeks. 

Soo... before I disappear into nothingness... If you happen to think about me this month, I'd really, really appreciate prayer for a few things: 

1) I would be able to focus and concentrate on the material I need to learn.

2) I would get faster at reading the passages and answering the questions - and somehow learn to remember allllll the formulas and concepts that I will need.

3) I will not be afraid. I'm realizing that worrying about my score has been making me freeze up and making studying completely impossible.

4) I will get done what I need to get done in the next few weeks, even if it means studying 12 hours a day. I will be READY for this test.

5) God's will for me will be very clear. 

I want getting into medical school to be completely of Him. That's the LAST place I want to be if it's not where He wants me to be. 
(Well, okay, being tortured in some 3rd world country is probably the last place I'd want to be out of His will, but aside from that.)
What I don't want is for medical school to be His plan for me, and for me to mess it up by not stepping out in faith and obedience. I'm not going to get a 39 by wasting my summer. 
(Summers should never be wasted anyway, but that's beside the point.)
I need to obey Him and study like insanity, using the brain and materials and time He has provided me with, asking Him for the strength and will power to get it done. 

So... until August... I hope you have a great summer! 

I'll be seeing you! :D

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Vicki said...

Oh Katherine Sophia, I'll be praying for you like crazy until August 4!! I know you can do it, and I'll pray that the Lord will give you strong memory, productive studying, great confidence, and fast reaction time on that test; and I can't wait for your announcement that you're headed for medical school!! :-D


Jessica said...

Press for the mark of your high calling and He will never fail you!!! MISS AND LOVE YOU DARLIN'! *sniff sniff* *hugs*

STUDY ON!!!! You are AMAZING!!!


Katherine Sophia said...

I managed to not sign into blogger again in July, but I was notified of comments by email, and knowing you were praying for me was such a blessing, Vicki! Thank you for being an amazing encouragement! :D

Thank you, Jessica!!! :) Miss you too!!! *hugs* :)


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