Monday, June 11, 2012

Of Shoes, Kpop, and Stories...

Welll.... this week was fun. :D I got up at 6-something am on Saturday and met up with my dearest and amazingest adopted sister-friend, who happened to be passing through town, and we talked life, stories, and publishing for a couple hours until she had to leave. :( I'm still wishing I would have woken up at 5am... 

Later I went shopping with my mom - we tried on a ton of things and amazed ourselves at how expensive and ugly every outfit in the store was... Then my mom got some make-up and I sniffed all the perfume bottles at the counter, because I was childishly bored, and then tried out the Angel perfume because I liked the name. Other than that though, there there was seriously nothing worth buying in the entire store. Except these shoes, which I brought home with me. ;) Aren't they cute? 

Then I packed a ton of of stuff, most of which I will not need, and Sunday I headed out of town (leaving everything I probably will need of course). The fog was deliciously thick... and I spent my 3-hr & 10-min drive singing along to Kpop and planning out the epic climax to my current WIP. It was awesome.

Eventually I arrived at my destination - my home away from home, which happens to be my Grandparent's house. My grandparents were suitably impressed with my amazing shoes, and we talked the entire evening about life, stories, and publishing. 
My great-aunt did a write-up for some historical society and sent it to my grandpa, so we read through the list of families she had compiled, and my grandpa told me about the people...

 like the man who robbed the bank, and was caught before he'd left town because he had held the door for the librarian as she came out of the bank and she recognized him... 

and the man whose son was killed in WWII, who lived alone in a tiny, uninsulated shack, countless baby buggies hanging from the ceiling, where he got them nobody knew...

the man who was sent out by his brother to guard the pulp lumber from thieves, only to become so frightened when he actually had to pull a gun on one that he started throwing up... 

Haha, and those of you whose grandparents had to walk to school and back uphill both ways? My grandpa had to fight his way home from school every day! Only when he neared home, my great-grandma would come and lay around her with the broom to get rid of the other boys... and remembering her, I can totally see her doing that. LOL

I hadn't quite realized it before, but my grandpa was one of two boys his age in the entire town to attend high school (8th grade was pretty much it for them). I asked him why HE did, and he said it was because he loved to read. They used to call him The Professor when he was little... which, if you knew my grandpa, is completely laughable, because he is a hunting/fishing/4-wheeling/snowmobiling/boating/conceal&carrying every-bit-the-outdoorsman. But he read every book in the schoolhouse and wanted more - so he went to high school... and then into the service... and then to college, where he met my beautiful grandmother. :) 

Which all made me realize how often I've seen him reading over the years... and then it suddenly hit me. If he'd stayed there and taken over his father's logging business as expected, I wouldn't be here.
I was born because a little boy in a tiny, dirty, and extremely poor backwoods town filled with Kentucky migrants loved to read.

Okay, okay, I know a lot more went into my existence than that, but.. it kind of makes you think. 

What do you love? 
How is it going to change the future, both yours and others' and people's who have not yet been born?

Anyway... I then spent several days shadowing a doctor at his private clinic (from helping with minor surgery to driving a patient back to their broken down car, I definitely got to see what a rural physician does - it was very awesome. and exhausting. and I want to go back.) 
and studying for the MCAT (*choke* not so awesome... I can only hope I live through it) 
and hanging out with my grandparents (that's always awesome too :D). 

Happy Days...

How's your summer going? :)

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Emily Shae said...

Oh my gosh! I love your shoes...they are amazingly amazing.

Lizzy said...

I LOVE those shoes. & Kpop? Yayness!!! We must be long-distance kindred spirits. ;P

Oh gosh, you're so lucky to have grandparents with awesome stories like that!!! How cool. I laughed really hard about the bank robber... :P that's what chivalry will get you. Let that be a warning to men everywhere. ^.^

I'm glad your summer is going so beautifully! Mine is jam-packed with a ton of plans, (traveling again, later in August. EEP!) and trying to get a job. That, sprinkled with shoe shopping and Kpop. ;D <3

Can do mom said...

What a lovely story about your grandfather!

I miss your family so much. Hope we can remedy that soon.

AND - I LOVE the new sandals. Way to go! :)

Katherine Sophia said...

:) Aren't they fun, Emily? Though it's weird to be average height when I wear them... I've never had shoes with that made me that tall before! :D lol

Haha, Lizzy - pretty much my reaction to that bank robber story. :D So he holds the door... and ends up in jail for it. *sigh* XD And yes, my grandparents are amazing and I am sooooo thankful for them. :)
*giggle* Someday we're going to have to get together... Oh, and thank you for your recommendations! I wrote 'em down... Boys Over Flowers completely broke my heart. *sniff* :) I wish I had more time this summer...

Thank you, Mrs. B! :) I miss all you guys too... I'm beginning to be tempted to have a graduation party 2 years late just so I can see people... lol :) We'll have to get together sometime this summer!


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