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June Snippets

At that moment, the fate of Korah and his brethren would have been a blessed thing.

- Tam Lyn

He was still a ways off, making his way wearily down between the fallen trees and rocky outcroppings that lay between him and the small hut, when the stillness of the mountain was shattered, a warning bay from the cabin pealing out through the clear air. The wooden door opened, and a grey shadow slipped out, the warning note in its cry changing to one of welcome as it rang out again. 

- And It Was Love

He groaned. “Oh, stupid girl! Though it means she is not utterly without intelligence…” 

“Would you please stop talking about me as if I were not here!” I flashed out. “Because if you do so again, I won’t be!” 

- Tam Lyn

Someone rose to his feet in the back, chains rattling as he did so. Jaden paused in the doorway of the dim log hut, his brow wrinkling in confusion. 

“My king.” Osbeorn’s voice was low, and he bowed gracefully in the shadows, the chains Jaden had heard again clinking cruelly. Stepping forward as far as he could into the thin path of sunlight, Osbeorn went down on one knee. 

But Jaden bounded into the hut, catching his friend’s arm and forcing him upright. 

“How came you here?” he demanded, and Osbeorn smiled a lopsided smile, as if glad to see Jaden yet unchanged, even as he raised one shackled wrist to brush the back of his hand across a bruised and split lip.
- And It Was Love

“It means you have to hurry. Spit it out or I will run you through.” After the turmoil my nerves had been in all week long, they were like to snap at this point. I was furious with him, whoever he was. “Starting with who you are.” 

Rolling his eyes, he bowed low. “Yes, mum.” 

Then he straightened. “As if. I told you. Call me Tam Lyn."

- Tam Lyn

I clenched my jaw. “Mercy and her brother are my friends, and there is no more to it than that. Except that the future Lord Sunderland is already more a man than you will ever be, and it ill becomes you to call him a boy! And lest you put meaning in my words, he has already asked me to marry him and I have already refused.” 

Tam Lyn grinned again. “So that he will the more desperately ask you. Ah, love is cruel.” 

- Tam Lyn

“Elohim Elyon.” He raised his head, catching the last few streaks of golden sun and raising his eyes until he caught the first gleam of the evening star. “I am not half the man he is. I am not worthy to be compared to him – or to Tarian. What can I do with a broken country and a shattered woman? I am not fit for this task – I am not able.” 

- And It Was Love

He still was not sleeping through the night, and I was utterly exhausted. Sitting down in the middle of the garden, I rested him in my lap, holding the bottle to his lips. He drank eagerly, and when it was finished and I sat looking at him in a sleep-deprived fog, he smiled at me. 

“Oh, you are such a –” I swallowed the end of my sentence, for calling him either a princeling or a royal brat, both of which he was, was far too dangerous. 

- Tam Lyn

“Yeah, we did.” Jaime came in the opposite door, heading for the sandwich materials and grabbing two slices of white bread, pushing Dare out of his way. “And we did it awesomely. So deal with it.” 

- The Sons of Bretton Meyrick

Val, Jennie, and Tam Lyn... and Jennie quoting Scripture to answer why they're all in so much trouble...  LOL

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Mime said...

I really enjoyed the snippets from Tam Lyn, especially the second one. Made me laugh.

Blog-hopping on the link up!


Katherine Sophia said...

:D Tam Lyn is definitely a lot of fun to write - I'm thrilled that you liked it! :D Thans for stopping by!


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