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Questions, Questions, Questions... a post in which you learn allllll about me...

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Okay, maybe it's finally time for answers! :) It's only been like a month... er-more-than-a-month... eh-like-almost-two-months... :P

In my defense, I've had two tests and spring break in between then and now... and at one point I sat down and answered almost all of them - only to have Blogger EAT my answers. Slightly discouraging, one might say. :P 

Anyway... questions from the give-away I had at the beginning of February... 

*What are some of your favorite words of Jesus Christ - you know, those texts that are written in red letters in a red-letter edition of the Bible?

Have to say one of my favorite chapters in the Bible is John 17. (That whole section actually - chapter 15 is amazing...) But off the top of my head, I've always loved these verses:
20 Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word;
 21That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.
 22And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one:
 23I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me.

Seeing what Jesus prayed for me as He was preparing to go to the cross and die for me is just incredible.  

*If you could live anywhere in the world for one year, where would you go?
Gah... if it was just one year... well... it would depend on what I was doing! I have to say a castle in Scotland would be epically sweet... an orphanage in Uzbekistan would be awesome... an orphanage/clinic in Africa working with children rescued from the Lord's Resistance Army would be that also... 
Is the staying alive guaranteed? ;)

*You have the choice to go to a contemporary Christian concert or a traditional American or Celtic folk concert. Which do you choose?
LOL, Celtic folk concert, no contest. :) 

*Sauerkraut on your hot dog. Yes or no?
Nooo. German or not, I'm really not. :P 

*If you could travel back (or forward, I guess) to any era of history as a doctor, to what era would you go?
Oooh... I like that question... :D Hmm... As a doctor trained now or to be trained then? I don't think I'd want to go forward... we'll all have licenses from the government to breathe. :P 

Backward... I've always wanted to be around right after the Civil War... I don't know though... I suppose I should pick sometime when a doctor was most needed. And at the moment I'm not brushed up enough on my history to pick a time... sometime where one person could change a lot of history by knowing more than people did at the time about healthcare. Although (and I'm pretty sure Louis L'Amour agrees with me, Vicki, :) I don't tend to agree with a lot of the modern day assessment of people's previous knowledge of the body and how it works. They weren't stupid... 

*Would you rather plant a garden or raise a puppy?
Oh, raise a puppy! :) I hate weeding... :P lol The puppy is short-haired, right? Long haired dogs... :P Brushing isn't that fun either. But puppies are worth it... tomatoes aren't. lol 

Though on second thought - if I was starving, I'd guess I'd rather plant a garden. :P

*I want to turn one of your lovely WWWWWH questions back on you - if you could say anything to our modern generation, what would you say?

Ack... That's harder than I remember... ;) 
I guess the same thing I'd say to any generation - There is a just and holy God Who created every one of us, and we have all done things His holiness cannot ignore. We all deserve punishment... but because He also love us, He made a way for us to escape that punishment - He took the punishment we deserved and offers us eternal life with Him once this short life is over. All you have to do is accept His offer!

How that is said could change with each generation I suppose... for one thing it would require a whole lot more explanation than 100 years ago when everybody in this country at least appeared to agree that there was a right and a wrong!
But it would depend more on each person than on each generation... so that would be what I would change it based on. :) 

*Who is your favorite author? 
Just kill me now... If I had a dollar for every time I've been asked that and tried to answer it intelligently... Deborah Alcock really inspired me as a Christian and a writer, Megan Whalen Turner really showed me what speculative fiction could do - and to what standard YA fiction could be raised - plus soooo many other authors that I read and re-read obsessively growing up... *sigh* 
As soon as a certain friend of mine gets published I might have a more specific answer... I have read a lot of different authors, and as far as consistently coming up with stories that are new, intriguing and good, she's got a nice start. :) 

*I'm going to ask who is your favorite preacher (currently, I know mine are different just about every week)
ack... shut my eyes and point? lol... I like several evangelists - Ray Comfort, Mark Cahill, especially - but Adrian Rogers was very good, S. M. Davis, Oswald Chambers, Francis Shaeffer... random and various, I like a lot, even though I don't like even more. ;) 

My all-time favorite preacher? My brother. :) And even if I am his sister and say it as shouldn't, he is good at it.  

Source: via Katherine on Pinterest

And I was also tagged by the lovely Gracie!  Thank you Grace! :) 

The rules are:
1.) Post these rules.
2.) You MUST post 11 random things about yourself.
3.) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
4.) Creat 11 new question for the people you ask to answer.
5.) Go to their blog and tell them they have been they have been Tagged.

gah... 11 random things about myself? Eh, okay, I can do that. Not promising INTERESTING, but random I can do. XD

1) I can never think of anything cool to say in these tags. Or in those typical "Go around the room and say your name, why you're here, and one interesting thing about yourself." 
*mind goes instantly blank* 
Umm... I know my name, I know my name, I know my name... 
*looks up startled* "Me???" 

2) This semester I'm taking Physics (with lab), Biochemistry, Biochemistry Lab (separate class), Tutoring (yes, it is a class... a very long class... having nothing to do with the subject I am tutoring... which happens to be something I completely forgot once I took the final last spring. *headdesk*), and Art (my very last general - *cheers*). 
Anyway, that's partially why I haven't been around much. Biochem is like Bio, Cell Bio, Chem, O-chem, and Physics alllllllll rolled into one class and then added to. (I never knew the outer membrane of mitochondria was like cheesecloth! And this is after Bio and Cell Bio...) The average on the last test was 53%, if that tells you anything... :P 

3) I hate taking medicine. Of any kind. I barely tolerate vitamins. Anything else, cough medicine, acne medication, pain killers... *shudder* I can't stand it.  

4) This week has been the randomest ever - I got 3 1/2 hours of sleep one night, 4 1/2 another night, the weather has been snow/sleet/freezing cold, the moods of pretty every one I'm with have matched the weather (*ahem* or worse...), I missed a class and half by sleeping through my alarm clock (I've missed 2 classes in 2 years, including this - missing class is something I just don't do. But I guess I should have known that was coming, considering how much sleep I was getting!), I don't know where I'm living next year (that's kinda up there with one of those big stressors in people's lives, lol), I had to pay a tuition bill that should have been already paid (It was... and then they sent a refund... which we spent on food... which they then demanded back... helloooo...), which resulted in the size of my bank account almost getting halved... I had to take Ibuprofen just so I could get through the day (see #3 for why that is so bad)... and yet for some reason I have been sooooo happy! It's been absolutely weird, LOL. I keep objectively looking at myself going, "Why are you singing and pretty much bouncing off the wall? What is wrong with you?"
*giggle* But God has been soooo good me all the time... how can I not be happy? :)

5) Regarding the bit above about weather - one sunshiny day in the middle of March, I came downstairs and gave my mom the boots I'd been wearing almost every day all winter and said "Take these away! Or else I'm going to keep wearing them!" So she did... 
And then it started SNOWING again, and I was like "Where are my boots?!?" 
And she's like... "I got rid of them..." 

6) I have obvious problems making short statements of things about myself. 

7) Then again, it appears I CAN do it if I set my mind to it. 

8) Then again, does anyone actually read these things? Especially by the time it gets to be as incredibly long as this post is going to be?

9) Um... um... um... I wear high heels or boots *ahem* whenever possible. Which has nothing to do with the fact that I'm 5'2". Okay, maybe a little bit... but I like being 5'2" - except for the fact that I could  probably live on 1/3 of what most people eat every day and that would be about the amount of energy my body could actually use. :P Not fair... But anyway... half the time when I'm not wearing shoes I'm walking on my tiptoes.
There's random for you. 

10) I want to learn some form of Martial Arts. Then I can be the girl who wears a dress, flies airplanes, crochets doilies, trains horses, bakes biscotti, teaches skiing, does cross-stitch, and can kick you into next week. LOL Not that I ever would. XD

11)  11 is one of my favorite numbers! Something weird: My brother took some class, and the teacher asked all the kids what their favorite number was. They all told him. He then asked them all what their birth date was. Guess what? For almost every single one of them, the two numbers were the same! :)

If that wasn't random I'm not entirely sure what is. 

And answering Grace's questions:

1.) What is your favorite book?
Bible. :) Haha, when I was little, that got to be such a typical question whenever I'd meet other girls that we tended to add Besides the Bible every time we asked it. But that book is just awesome. :D 
Jude - it's written so incredibly beautifully... 
John - has some of the most amazing imagery and incredible ideas you can possibly imagine
Daniel - epic book if ever there was one
Ruth - awesome story about a Gentile girl who is about as opposite Rebecca as can be. I'd like to see a courtship manuel following her example sometime. ;)
Esther - pretty much the original fairy tale... peasants and kings and villains and miracles... another completely awesome story :D 
Isaiah - soo many good chapters in there... 
Luke - it was written by a doctor: how could I NOT like it??

2.) If you could go any place in the would where would it be?
Just for a short visit? :) In that case... touring Europe would be fun. Scotland would probably be my first choice, then Ireland, then maybe England... :) 

3.) What is your favorite type of ice cream?
Oooh... candy-cane? Which is like limited edition and we hardly ever get it... which means I like vanilla, because then I can add my own candy canes... or brownies or cookies or whatever else I feel like at the moment. :) 

4.)If you could have any super power, what would it be?
If I could randomly get a super power? Bro-ther... I'm not entirely up on super powers... but I'm pretty sure there's one that lets you take on the abilities of whoever you touch... that one would be pretty useful. :D  And very good for my indecisive nature. LOL Besides, who doesn't like chameleons? 
Hey, shhh! 

5.) What is your favorite Joke?
That is hard. I don't exactly have a favorite one... Rather, I tend to laugh at life in general and look for funny things in situations that would be otherwise unutterably depressing. As far as joke books go, I rarely find standard jokes funny enough to actually laugh at. Sarcasm and people falling in love tend to make me laugh a lot... what exactly that says about me I am not sure. LOL XD

6.) If you could accomplish one thing in your life what would it be?
Ensure that everyone in my family ends up in heaven, as much as it is possible for me to do so. As well as whoever else I am supposed to influence.

7.) What is your favorite color?
Rainbow. ;) It totally depends on what it is - clothes: brown/gold/ivory/etc; - sky: tanzanite blue; - butterfly: green;
Though I guess, if I HAD to choose one... scarlet. I have loved that color for a looooooooong time. :D 
Anne of Green Gables (or, to be correct, I should say Anne of Anne's House of Dreams) had a friend... Leslie... and something about the fact that she always had to wear something scarlet, every day... I loved it. Probably since she had golden hair and scarlet was one of my favorite colors. :) Anyway. 

8.)What five adjectives would you use to describe yourself? 

9.) What is your pet peeve?
I do not have pet peeves... I have entire kennels of irritation... 
okay, that aside, something that absolutely drives me CRAZY is when Christians try to box in and define the "perfect Christian" and then judge those around them based on their view of who God wants that person to be. Looking down on someone else because God did not call them to do what you think they should is sooo wrong... 

10.)What is your favorite song?

Impossible to answer... :) I do really, really love Be Thou my vision, O, the deep, deep love of Jesus, and Battle Hymn of the Republic.
Interesting that one of those is an old Irish song and the other is an old Welsh song... and the last is an American camp-fire meeting song. :)
Otherwise I love a lot of music, from Josh Groban to the Link Family bluegrass band. :D 

11.) Which of these questions did you like the most?
Hmm... They were all good... :D #8 was definitely a fun one to answer - so many different answers possible. :) 

And I was also tagged by Jessica! Since I've already done the above tag, I think I shall do the 2nd tag Jessica has... only that would involve saying things I have done or want to do this year... which would involve making a list of things that I will probably someday look back on and be depressed that I did not accomplish (LOL, I know, way to be optimistic about life there... no, I'm a realist. Which indeed at times requires optimism, but there are also times one must look at the facts. *ahem*) Besides, she has some interesting questions there... so maybe I'll repeat that one... only I've already answered half the questions... ahhh, who cares. It's a more interesting tag than 20 more random things about myself that could probably turn in a little novelette, so why not do it? XD NOT listing 11 more random things about myself though. LOL You never know what I'll say for those... I never know what I'll say to those. XD

Sooo... answering Jessica's questions. :D

1. Favorite book of the Bible and why?
This is kind one of those I already answered. ;) See answer to Grace's question #1 and also the first question from my giveaway.

2. Favorite Season?
Ohhh, that changes all the time. When I was younger, it was the opposite of whatever it happened to be at the moment... and right now, it is whatever season it happens to be at the moment. Which means I am thoroughly enjoying spring at not having to wear a coat EVERY day... even if some days I still have to. :D

3. Favorite Food?
Chocolate cake with sweetened condensed milk and carmel poured over it, topped with whipped cream and crushed heath bars. 
And I'm going to keep answering that question with that answer until I cannot stand that cake any more. Which, since it hasn't happened in 14 years, I highly doubt will happen. LOL

4. Last book you read did you hate or love it and why?
LOVED it! :D It was like a modern semi-sci-fi-semi-political thriller, and I loved how absolutely hilarious and heart-wrenching the characters were. *sigh* I would recommend it, but unfortunately it has not yet been published... when it is, I will definitely let you know. XD

5. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be, how long would you stay, and why would you go?
Kinda already answered that one too. As to how long... if it was a European vacation type trip, probably very short. Unless I happened to become a millionaire. :D And I'd go because it would be FUN. XD
Africa or Uzbekistan... that would probably be a bit longer and only because God called me there. :) 

6. If you could go back in time who would you like to meet?
General Custer, so I could see whether or not he had long blonde hair or short at his infamous last stand. And then so I could asked what on EARTH he was thinking. 
LOL Actually, the hair issue pretty much fried me on history. I was going to write a research paper on him one time - and when I realized that not only was there NO idea WHATSOEVER as to WHY he did what he did... there was even a major argument as to the length of his hair. I was like... if they can't even figure THAT out... what at all is really known about history? It's all a bunch of fiction written by the winners of every conflict in the past several thousand years... 
One good thing that came out of that was reading the book Custer Died for Your Sins - an extremely interesting look at the Old Testament idea of a blood sacrifice and how the Indians saw Custer's death... I'm always intrigued by reading history written by the other side. Though in this case, since the US government lost that battle, technically it's the side that should be writing the history books. :) 

In all seriousness, though - if I could go back in time, who WOULDN'T I like to meet??? So long as I could quickly escape as soon as I had annoyed them sufficiently. XD (Like I probably wouldn't want to stay and chat with Attila the Hun. I wouldn't mind seeing him though!)

7. Are you the hero, sidekick or villain type of person.
Oh, the VILLAIN, definitely! You should SEE my secret plans for ultimate world takeover!
LOL ehhh... I'm probably not brave enough to be the villain... though I can think up evil plans with an ease that astonishes my family. It's a side effect of being a writer. 
I hope. 
I'm probably a lot closer to sidekick - that it my comfort zone and what I would enjoy being. The idea of actually stepping out on my own and doing what needs to be done as the hero would is slightly terrifying... though I would hope I could do it if I had to...
But then again, aren't all true heroes actually just sidekicks? There is only one real Hero in all of history, and He is Perfect. His the Plan, His the Power... ours simply to obey His call on our lives.

8. You are famous and have $50,000,000 what do you do next? (yeah the million dollars was too boring)
Ohh... pay for anonymity? LOL And then pay my parents back for college... then pay off all the debts of all the family members I like... then get them all one expensive thing they've always wanted... buy a house... a car... then happily finish college knowing I will never have to work and I can use all my knowledge gained in med school simply to be helpful... then start several of my own businesses... including a publishing company for all the new Christian novelists that are on coming, so they have nothing to worry about but churning out new stories for me to read... XD And with all the money I'd make WITH all the money I already had, I could do all kinds of things, like build and staff those orphanages I was talking about earlier. And I'd run it like a business and make sure it wasn't all being wasted as is so typical of charities! Or governments. :P Build, train, and equip a militia... LOL, I told you about my secret plans... XD
Oh, I would run out of money long before I ran out of ideas on how to spend it!  

9. You have three minutes to live what are you going to do? (you can survive this question by this way just think of a situation that you have to get it a bomb ticking? How about you're trapped in a sinking car with three minutes of oxygen...or maybe you just have three minutes to live. Come on be creative what is happening to you!!!!!)
The End.

*giggle* Ummmm... *thinks* Going off of experience, I'd probably die. Unless I've matured since last time I thought I was going to die... which I guess there might be some hope of... Not sure though. 
I was about 3 the first time I almost drowned. I was left in the pool, holding onto the ladder - being typical me, I watched my older brother swimming by himself, thought it looked incredibly easy, and then, instead of letting go and seeing if I could keep myself afloat by kicking, I shoved myself away from the edge of the pool and THEN tried to see if I could stay afloat. 
I couldn't. 
Thankfully my dad ended up seeing what was happening and came diving into the pool to rescue me... Which was good, since I'm pretty sure he was the one who left me there. LOL He always likes to tell about how my eyes were as big as saucers under the water. 
My and my brilliant ideas. 

Second time I was probably around seven or eight, swimming again with my big brother... this time we got in a water battle, and somehow or another a rubber raft (very heavy - pretty sure it was for river rafting or being pulled behind a speed boat or something ended up getting flipped over my head. 
I was a bit older this time, and there is not a whole lot scarier than needing to take a breath and not being able to. 
Instead of diving down (I've never been very good at that whole die-so-you-can-truly-live thing...), I fought against what was holding me down until finally someone realized what had happened and pulled it off my head, where upon I came up kicking and screaming that I had almost died. 
Based on past experience, therefore, when I have three minutes to live, I will be trapped underwater somewhere... and I will spend three minutes fighting against the inevitable, and then I will die. 
And then the next instant I will think of a perfectly simple way I could have stayed alive... but by then I won't care. 
Not very creative, but again, I'm being a realist. hahaha... 

10. You just realized your dog is a spy - what are you thinking.
LOL. *ahem* And that probably would be what I would think... they have such awesome covers. One is like Little Miss Ditz - she would make an incredible spy, and I could write a hilarious story about her marvelous acting ability... 
The other is like a stuffed toy somehow come to life - it's a bit freaky sometimes. 
If she was the spy, I'd be a little creeped out. Given that she appeared at an animal shelter right before my mom happened to stop by, and my mom was the first person to see her, and there's never been a dog like her at the place, and she's like a $2000 labradoodle that we got for almost nothing, and she's way too nice for an abandoned dog...  (I'm going to do a post on her sometime soon :D)
Anyway, somebody went to a whole lot of trouble to plant her in our family, and I'd be wondering Why???

And yeah, my response is very Balaam-and-his-donkey... but since his and Eve's are the only two recorded conversations with animals... why should I expect my reaction to be different? 

11. You are granted one thing in life. What is it and why?

Boy-o... these questions... LOL 
Hmm... i.e. I could ask for any one thing that I currently don't have? Boycotting the more serious desires of my heart...
Unlimited time. Not exactly immortality (I already have that), but the ability to reuse time until I've gotten everything done that I needed to. There we go: the ability to stretch time until I've accomplished all the things I must. :D 

These pictures have nothing to do with anything, by the way. I just thought they were cool. XD
Source: via Katherine on Pinterest

Sooo, there you are. My answer to alllll those questions... and as for tagging, I am simply going to say if you want this tag, simply let me know and then pick any 11 questions off this page and answer them. :D 

Otherwise... talk to me. I hate putting all this stuff out there and then wondering what people are going to think now that they know I'm slightly insane... 

How much of this did you not know or could not guess? ;) 

5 thoughts shared:

Jessica said...

*giggle* this was and absolute BLAST TO READ!!!! YAY!!!!!!! SOOO MUCH FUN!!!! You are epic and amazing Kate! Keep up the awesome work God has for you!


Vicki said...

WHOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEE - What a neat post! I learned more about you in five minutes than I knew from following your blog for a year!

I love reading your answers because we're SO much alike in some things that it's scary ... for example, the whole medicine thing. I hate medicine of all kinds. The only medicine that I've actually found I don't mind is the orange-flavored Tylenol liquid cough & cold medicine (although it doesn't do much of anything besides provide a nice placebo effect ...).

I also agree with you on wanting to learn a martial art ... and wanting a courtship manual based on Ruth ... and Be Thou My Vision ... and I loved the shout-out for Louis L'Amour. :-)

That was lots of fun! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend, and try to get some rest!! :-D


Katherine Sophia said...

lol Jessica - for the last bit at least, the credit goes to you. I find your questions rather more intriguing than my answers. *giggle* But I'm glad you enjoyed that looooong post! XD

*gulp* I knew this was a dangerous post... Oh, ok, Vicki, as long as we're still at least kind of on the same page I don't have to worry too much, right? :D And it is always so funny the things that we are the same in! LOL Medicine... :P And I know - sometimes I'll put a cough drop in my mouth when I'm coughing, sometimes I'll use a mint. Is there actually any difference? Once I actually had cinnamon hard candy - which probably worked the best because it was so HOT it was very distracting from coughing. XD *giggle* and the others... that is just funny. I love it!

I hope you both have a beautiful weekend and are ready for April! :D

gracie said...

I love it! You are such a creative writer and I loved seeing all your answers!!
Hope to see you soon!

Katherine Sophia said...

:D I'm glad you enjoyed it, Gracie! Thanks for tagging me - it was a lot of fun!
Hope you're all doing well and yes, I really hope we'll be able to get together with you guys sometime soon! :)


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