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Beautiful People - Jaden Beorn

 The title makes me laugh, because I can just picture Jayde's face upon being called a beautiful person... :D Ay-yi-yi...


Prince Jaden Beorn, from the WIP I'm working most on: And It Was Love.

(Which, by the way, he thinks is a rather femmy and ridiculous title for a story - but he doesn't get to vote because he was never meant to be in the story at all. It was about someone entirely different, who happened to be a girl, and the title seemed much more appropriate before he appeared in all his rough and unpolished royal-ness. :P) 

made by someone who is good at this! :)

1. If the character's house burned down, and he was left with nothing but the clothes on his back, what would he do? Where would he go?

As a prince of the Bear Clan, his house is the great lodge of the Vastaavatkarhun village, and his father the king would probably be furious at its burning. Somehow I think that he himself would be angry - except seeing his father's loss of temper would make him simply shrug and figure out how they were going to get building materials and replace whatever was lost. (Which would not be that much - it's not as if it is a palace.) He would then would pitch in beside his men and set to work building it back up.

2. Is he happy with where he is in life, or would he like to move on?

Moving on is often in his thoughts - mostly he is struggling with what exactly "moving on" would involve. He does not see eye-to-eye with anyone in his village (six years away from home can have that effect), and the only person he has found who even remotely understands where he is coming from is a slave girl from an enemy country who despises his land and his people with all her being. She might despise him too, though he's not entirely sure on that point. Perhaps he merely does not wish to see it.

3. Is he well-paid?

Vastaavatkarhun princes are not paid - and the People of the Bear do not give their leaders much in the way of tribute. However, what is desired is generally taken, and there no protest can be made. Still, Vastaavatkarhu is not a rich country, though, having never known them, Jaden has never missed the luxuries of the southern countries.

4. Can he read?

During his six years of training, his uncle used his few scrolls to teach him to read the Words of Elohim at least passably well. Since his return home, he has not even that, and reading is not exactly considered a skill necessary for the People of the Bear. I do not think he has told anyone that he possesses the ability, at however rudimentary a level.

5. What languages does he speak?

His own - Vastaavatkarhun... and the man his uncle hired to teach him sword fighting taught him the language of the lowland traders - a language spoken by most in the surrounding countries. That is the language he used to communicate with the thrall Tyrielle, and in teaching her his language - an attempt to make her life slightly easier - he found himself learning hers - Ilmataran.

6. What is his biggest mistake?

Which one? Falling in love with a slave girl? Demanding her love in return, forgetting that not only does she worship the same God he claims to serve, she is a princess in her own land and would rather die than be both his slave and his wife? Or rejecting in wounded fury a plea for mercy - the consequences of which will reverberate not only through the lives of all he loves, but every country which he touches, and indeed, the history of the world itself? I would say the last, but had the first not occurred, the next could not have followed.

7. What did he play with most as a child?

Not what, perhaps, but who - Bernadette, the rebellious girl who defied Vastaavatkarhun traditions and who became his blood-sister, the only one, since he was the solitary child of his mother. Thankfully his father never knew, or the approval he so desired from his father would have become unattainable a whole lot earlier in life.

8. What are his thoughts on politics?

Eh, he kind of hates them. He does not entirely realize and he certainly does not take advantage of his privileges as prince, and his responsibilities frustrate him to no end, for he lacks the power to change the things he wishes to, while being forced to follow his father's unjust lead and listen to advisers for whom he has absolutely no respect. The back-stabbing (oftentimes quite literally) that surrounds him disgusts him, and he would rather face an army than deal with the twisted value system of the Vastaavatkarhun court.

9. What is his expected life time?

Whoa... interesting question. :) Well... he's been back home six months and already had several attempts made on his life. His country is preparing for war, and given the fact that everyone from his country's tenuous allies to his own father would rather he were dead and not in the middle of everything, complicating it horribly, his life expectancy is not good. Were it not for the small band of men who have slowly come to respect him, if not understand him, during several months of strenuous battle training, he would probably be dead already.

10. If he were falsely accused of murder, what would he do? How would he react? 

It would depend on who accused him. There really would be very little consequences for him whether the accusation was true or not - he is the prince and so long as he had a semi-valid reason nothing would happen. If he were taken before his father's court, he would probably laugh and ask if they were really going to hate him more if it turned out he was innocent (which they probably would, while his actually being a murderer might scare them into some slight appearance of respect). He would be irritated more than anything, unless it happened to be the murder of someone he cared for, in which case he would be of course upset about their death.

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Jessica said...

*SCREAM* I LOVE THIS!!!! (that wasn't fan girly at all was it? :P) He is awesome and these answers are so perfect.

Thank you for sharing him with us!


Sky said...

Love this! He sounds like such a fascinating character... especially given his Biggest Mistake. ;) I almost feel sorry for him... poor guy. Also, the actor you got to play him looks amazing. :D


Katherine Sophia said...

Thank you both! :) It was super fun to answer the questions, and I'm glad you both enjoyed it! :D


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