Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 --> 2012

In 2011...  
 (very random and in no particular order whatsoever, lol)

~ I finished writing the best book I've ever written and probably the easiest book I'll ever write

~ I chose Love as my word for 2011

~ my brother got married :)

 ~ I sent a short story to an editor and got the first critique/edit out of the way. It was incredibly encouraging. And helpful. And it made me quite happy. ;)  

~ my sister-in-law announced that she is expecting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (at our Christmas get-together) :D

~ I read through the Bible in Chronological order, which I've wanted to do for years - I finally found a Chronological schedule! (Yay for Google... *headdesk* LOL)

~ I learned about grace and the incredible amazingness of my God more than probably ever before 

~ I joined Twitter

~ I joined Pinterest (totally fun) :)

~ Between BookSneeze and Multinomah Publishing, I got several free books - my favorite being Kim Meeder's latest book. Read it! :D That, or Hope Rising.  Awesome story.

~ I read a friend's amazing story several times over, letting it smoothly transition from its place of "don't ever read this book again because it will never be the same" to "read it over and over and love it every time." :)

~ I read Liz's The Mark of the Star three times, twice to myself and once to my siblings.

~ I did two semesters of school + summer school and actually rather enjoyed this last one. LOL 

~ I found Jenny Freitag's blog and was completely inspired to, among other things,  read G. K. Chesterton's The Ballad of the White Horse, which I fell completely in love with. See how this fits with my theme word of the year? :)
 For love, our Lord, at the end of the world,
sits a red horse like a throne,
with a brazen helm and an iron bow,
but one arrow alone.

Love with the shield of the Broken Heart
Ever his bow doth bend,
With a  single shaft for a single prize,
and the ultimate bolt that parts and flies
comes with a thunder of split skies,
and a sound of souls that rend.
~ I began writing another book with the underlying theme of love... posts about it probably coming soon...

~ I went from writing to being a writer... and yes, there is a difference! 

~ I had a hilarious summer weekend adventure that included staying up until 5am every night and swimming in a waterfall while wearing a dress on and watching awesome movies around midnight... 

~ we had to put our 8 yr old German Shepherd to sleep (yesterday actually...) :(

~ I volunteered at a therapeutic riding center, which was amazing. :)

~ got a job grading calculus homework - could hardly believe it was me doing that... lol

~ we got an adorable Labradoodle who currently has no name and two cats, all from a rescue place by my college. :D (definitely a dangerous place)

In 2012...

I want to truly focus on seeking first the kingdom of my God and His righteousness. Mat. 6:33 is definitely my life verse - it is amazing how it continues to be brought into my life over and over.
He must come first... and I want Him there.

After that, if

~ memorizing 52 verses - starting with Colossians 1

~ reading the Bible through in chronological order again (it hasn't lost its novelty yet XD)

~ spending more time in prayer

~ finding a publisher for my short story

~ continued work on my writing

~ keeping track of the books I read this year (I'm bummed that I really didn't do that last year)

~ getting in shape before medical school takes over my life... gah...

~ shadowing doctors until I have a wholehearted recommendation from one to put in my med school application

~ meeting my currently unborn niece/nephew :D

~ volunteering with Courage Center and the riding center again

~ taking the MCAT

~ completing and sending in my application to medical school 

~ keeping my job of grading homework

~ getting to bed early, instead of late

~ learning to do homework EARLY instead of in that desperate, last minute panic mode...  

~ seeing my friends more

~ finding a church that will not leave me starved

~ organizing my schedule so I can attend Bible study every week

all works out... it would be awesome. My life in His hands... may I glorify Him this year in all I do! 

May your year be blessed as you follow Him! 
Have an amazing New Year! :D

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Emily Shae said...

I'm happy for you for finishing your book! I love your list for 2012. I am currently making my own.

Love ya!

Vicki said...

Happy New Year, Katherine Sophia! Wow, you had quite the year!! I pray for great success in accomplishing your New Year's resolutions! :-)

Thanks also for stopping by my blog - I'm glad you found me! :-D I hope to see you around a lot as you have time - I always enjoy your blog, too!

Congratulations on your new nephew/niece!!!

Love in Christ,

Katherine Sophia said...

I'm glad you liked it, Emily! Your 2012 post was beautiful... praying joy for you this year! It is an absolutely amazing thing.

Thank you, Vicki! I hope your year has begun well! :) And I'm glad your back blogging! :D


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