Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pinterest + Tumblr

my life... :P lol

I really should just get an account at one or the other... but until then... 

random things I like. :)

both serious: 

I love this one... 

Did John Wayne really say that? Cool... :) 


so true... 

I love that definition... it so validates the fact that I can miss someone immediately after saying goodbye... 

amen amen amen!!!
:P  How can that be? But it so is... 

and the not so serious... :D

wowness... *headdesk* 
if I could just get rid of step #6 I would be good... :P

but then...

Which leads to:
so sadly incredibly accurate...  :P *headdesk again*

*giggle* could my sleep schedule have anything to do with that... I wonder... :)

LOL... I didn't know anybody else ever randomly thought that way... :D

:P I hate that... and since I cross a road somewhere around 6 times a day... there is the potential for a lot of awkwardness, LOL

:) lol 

:P haha I hate that too... but it depends who it you're telling the story to - sometimes it's just funny. :D 

And the exceedingly random and weird:
but for some reason this just made me laugh.   

3 thoughts shared:

Katherine said...

AH haha!! I love tumblr. Have a blog and everything. If you make one, let me know :)
Btw, I'm always reading even if I don't comment. :)
Keep up the good living!


Vicki said...

Hey, those were all terrific! I especially relate to the procrastination ones, the "good outfit on an insignificant day" one, and the run/walk across the crosswalk ... those could have easily been written by me!!

I'm going to swipe the top one and use that as my "holding" pic on my blog-slowly-rising-into-being ... if you don't mind, of course ... ;-)

Have a great evening!!


Katherine Sophia said...

I will, Katherine! :) I'm glad... and I've been reading yours too - after finals are over I might go back and comment on a few that I wanted to comment on earlier. :D

haha, Vicki, isn't the outfit one funny? But some days it is so true... LOL :) And they're all random pictures I found on either pinterest or tumblr, so I certainly don't mind if you use any of them! :)


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