Friday, December 23, 2011

Let Me Come In...

The first little pig built a house of straw... (and you can already see the wolf sneaking around off to the side...)

The second little pig built a house of sticks... (and it being a true little northwoods cabin, with pavers already buckled by years of previous hard frosts and a walls and lean-to leaning quite well, he also built a little outhouse!)

And the third little pig built a house of brick. (In case you can't tell, that was a girl pig. Look at her eyes! LOL and she built it next to a pond, too, put in a brick sidewalk, landscaped the yard, and added little figurines by the pond. You ever seen little people figurines in someone's garden? Well, what would a pig have in their garden? Pig figurines, of course...)

Close to her wilderness brother's home... I think she pushed her picket fence straight to his property line, lol. :D 

She likes her house, though - see her winking? :)

the chimney... 

Here comes the wolf! 

:) My little sister's project - interactive gingerbread village based on a fairy tale. 
School, homemaking, and Christmas present all rolled into one! lol ;)

3 thoughts shared:

Carrie said...

How cute! That's a great idea, and I especially like the house made of 'sticks'. =)

Jessica said...

THAT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! SUPER INCREDIBLE!!! AND SOOOO CUTE!!! I love it! Thank you for sharing it with us!


Katherine Sophia said...

Thanks, Carrie! The stick house was the most fun - it had the most personality. :D

Thank you, Jessica! :) I thought they were pretty cool - when I took study breaks during finals to come steal a couple m&m's... :D

We took them up to our grandparents after Christmas and set them up outside - I guess there are a few squirrels now who are having the time of their lives eating away at them. XD


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